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Without Risk, There Is No Reward

It’s better to play it safe…


Sorry, I had to say it.

Life choices?

Without risk, there is no reward!

I find it funny that just because we’ve heard something so many times, we assume it must be true.

Don’t worry, I believed it all before too.

It’s impossible to think anything else when we have the government, our parents, and likely very clever people – telling us to be sensible, play it safe and work hard towards somebody else’s dreams lollllll.

The world is changing!

But apparently advice stays the same…

We are living in a world of opportunity and freedom more than ever before!

Unfortunately, due to the conditions that have been imposed on us by previous generations, we are scared of taking advantage of it!

Scared of taking these opportunities.

Scared of tasting the freedom.

You may be thinking now:

– What if it goes wrong?

– What if I fail?

– What if I die? (Yes, I’ve heard that)

– What if I become homeless (Yea, I’ve heard that one too – A LOT!)

And worse yet, the fear is enforced by others who are also scared.

Repetitive circle of people living in the same bubble, doing the same things.

You may have heard of a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad?

The author, Robert Kiyosaki, speaks about the Rat Race.

The Rat Race is the trap that most of us are in, and have no idea.

Just running around that hamster wheel, day in, day out, wondering why they feel so trapped and unfulfilled.

Let me tell you…

There is a way out.

You start to ignore the what ifs!

And you start to take risks…

That will lead you to the abundance of reward.

Because these what ifs?


And if they did?

So what?


So. What.

Let me give you an example….

– Try a new job, and it doesn’t work out?

You can get your old job back.

– Move aboard and it’s too hot.

You fly home.

– You start a business and you don’t like it?

You stick with your currently job.


– Try a new job, and it doesn’t work out?

You realised something you don’t like, you’re one step closer, so you apply for a new one based on what you’ve learned.

– Move abroad and its too hot?

You buy an air-con, you move to a cooler country, or you make sure you spend a lot of time in the swimming pool.

– You start a business and you don’t like it?

You work out why you don’t like it and change that thing, or you change your business to something that is more enjoyable.


Do you get what I’m saying here?

There is no risk.

The ‘what ifs’ don’t matter.

Apart from one…

There is one ‘what if’ that is VERY important.

What if you spend your entire life playing it safe, not taking risks, not going after what would really light you up inside?

Everyone wants to ‘play it safe’.

But, is living an unfulfilling life ‘safe’ ?

That sounds very dangerous to me.

To waste your life??

That could be the biggest risk of all.

I speak to people all the time who, after a bit of encouragement, finally pluck up the courage to take a leap and do ‘that thing’ that they’ve always wanted to do…

And do you know what they usually tell me after?

It’s the best thing they’ve ever done.

So the next time you think about playing it safe…

Allow yourself to take risks so that you can experience the rewards….

…and play it smart instead.



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