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Giving Back

My vision is bigger than helping people through coaching.

I now want to use the resources I’ve acquired through coaching to help all kinds of other people create freedom too.

The Mount

Lewis delivered a talk at HMP The Mount, a prison where he had served time 8 years ago. He left this exact prison with a measly £50 in his pocket and came back years later with $25 million. But let’s get one thing straight – this comeback is not just about money.

It’s a humbling privilege for Lewis to have the chance to inspire those behind bars. Drawing on his personal experiences and having gone through the challenges faced by prisoners, he delved into the power of mindset, determination, and the transformative power of taking control of one’s narrative.

Through this charity work, Lewis aims to bring hope and support to those currently incarcerated, inspiring them that they too, can create a life of freedom after prison.


Longdean School

Lewis was expelled from school at 15 but he found himself giving these 600 school kids advice.

“It was an amazing moment to be able to share what I’ve learnt about transformation with the younger generation, to a group of 13-16 years olds, at a local school roughly 10 minutes away from where I grew up,” Lewis says.

He recounted his experiences along with his signature ‘7 Stages of Hunger’ – which can turn anyone into a never-ending source of inspiration through the following stages: Change, Move, Belief, Motive, Obstacles, Action, and Push.

This is something Lewis will always be proud to do free of charge even if he can help just one troubled kid in the same situation as himself, all the pain he has been through is 100% worth it. Lewis appeared to have changed many people’s lives that day.

If you’d like to support Longdean School, please visit their website.

Chloe Orphans

Chloe Orphans is located in Bali, Indonesia. This orphanage was founded in 2010 by Pastor Victor Hutapea and his wife, Susiana. They are also the houseparents for the 19 kids who stay in the orphanage.

For Christmas 2021, The Coaching Masters and Cafe Coach collaborated to give the kids Christmas Day Out with present shopping and a movie night

If you’d like to make a donation to Chloe Orphans
, please visit their website.

Lucky Dog Rescue Bali

Lucky Dog is a vet in Bali that looks after dogs who have been mistreated or abandoned. Housing over 50 dogs across two locations, the rescue center provides treatment, food and shelter with the aim of finding the dogs homes; although, unfortunately, not all are found homes and become permanent residents of the rescue shelter.

The Coaching Masters provide regular food donations and also sponsor some of the dogs that require immediate medical treatment.

If you’d like to support Lucky Dog Rescue, please visit their website.

Jodie O'shea Children's Orphanage

Jodie O’shea houses 75 children ranging in ages from 6 months to 19 years. Of these children, some are from Sumba, a very poor and arid island to the east of Bali and some are from Bali or other Indonesian islands. The charity does an amazing job to look after the children and help them transition into education and employment until they are adopted.

The Directors of The Coaching Masters Lewis & Jonny have visited to cook meals for the orphans around Christmas, and also actively donate and help source items on their wishlists.

If you’d like to make a donation to Jodie O’shea Children’s Orphanage, please visit their website.

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