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Find the Flow of Your Life

When we try to control things we resist the flow of life.

Yup, I’m feeling deep today, but this is important, so bear with me.

A lot of people think control is a good thing.

And in some situations, it can be, but most of the time it’s just self-imposed restriction.

By controlling things, we are resisting opportunities and new things coming into our lives.

This may be a surprise, but controlling people, are usually insecure and riddled with fear.

They’re trying to hold things in place for fear of what will happen if they lose their grip.

Believing that if they are not there to hold it together, something bad will happen!

But what if you were holding the grip of your current reality, and in the process, stopping something good in life from unfolding?

Beneath every control freak is a fear of letting go.

But it’s impossible to trust and control at the same time.

And it’s impossible to leap courageously and hold yourself stuck at the same time.

If you’re someone who finds themselves being a bit of a control freak; I get it – you feel you’re unsafe and you need control to feel supported.

However, you’re supported more than you think.

Life can be tough, but those moments are blips in comparison to the wonder it has to offer.

And you are very safe too!

Look around, nobody is coming for you, and no amount of control can stop unpleasant things happening sometimes.

The only thing in the way of allowing yourself to feel this support and knowing you’re safe is the belief that you are not.

So, rather than resisting, know you’re safe, let go of your need to control, and find the flow of your life.


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