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They’ll See Straight Through Me

“They’ll see straight through me”,

A line that I heard in my head over and over again.

Whether it was writing my first blog post, trying to make my first sale, or approaching anything new, I was sure that everyone knew where I had come from, and saw my fears that I didn’t deserve any kind of success.

No belief in myself, whatsoever.

Just enough to get going, but not enough to build any real momentum.

It wasn’t easy, but that same voice I heard back then?

Has been damped, and replaced with experiences of success.


Quite simple really….

I chose to ignore the voice.

I chose to believe in myself regardless of the doubt and the fear.

It’s crazy though, isn’t it?

We are good at what we do, but we can still sometimes feel a fraud.

An imposter…

About to be unmasked at any moment.

We fixate on the past, on the time we said the wrong thing, or the time we walked away from a tricky situation because it was easier, rather than facing it head on.

Or even worse…

…the time your fear of failing stopped you from even trying something new.

These are choices; nothing more.

And just like the decision of whether you get on that plane and explore a new place on your own.

Or the decision of whether you boost that Facebook post offering your services…

It’s all a choice.

A choice to own your worth, and do the thing that is going to move you forward towards the things you want out of life.

Regardless of the doubt and fear…

You make a choice to continue moving forward.

Because the reality is, nobody is going to believe in you, if you don’t.

Whether you are offering a service or a handmade product, there is absolutely no reason why yours isn’t the one that somebody will choose.

How many times have you met someone who’s service is damn right shoddy, yet they shout about it from the roof tops…

And guess what!?

They have 100k followers on Instagram, with sales pouring in!


Because belief breeds trust

…and trust breeds sales.

These people said fuck you to the fear and doubt; and took what they wanted from life.

So, even if you don’t believe in yourself yet…

Why not pretend you do?

Puff out your chest, clear your head, and tell yourself how fucking amazing you are.

Because sometimes you have to ‘be it’ until you start to ‘see it’.

I guess if you heard about me from one of your friends:

Young lad, troubled upbringing, expelled from school, history of drug and alcohol abuse, mental health problems, time inside…

Yet, owning multiple successful online businesses…

You’d probably say “Yeah right!”.

But here I am.

How did I do it?

Despite the odds?

One simple, yet powerful thing happened…

I started to believe I could.


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