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You need to start being realistic!

How many time have you heard that statement?

A lot? I know I have…

It happens all the time.

People have a vision…

a goal…

a fantasy…

They get excited about it; and they’re right to!

They’re dreaming of a better life.

– more success
– more happiness
– a life where they can do the things they love

But these dreams are often dismissed by society.

People telling you that maybe you should play it safe…

Manage your expectations…

Or my favourite!

” If you don’t have any expectations you won’t be disappointed!”

What a load of crap!

Okay, you won’t be disappointed…

But you also won’t be fulfilled, happy, or excited either!

So, why do people try and reduce your expectations for life?

Because THEY are scared…

And it’s easier to drag you down, than it is to admit they need to change something in THEIR life.

It’s simple, people are afraid of the unknown.

Because the unknown could lead to failure…

And if you fail?

You feel you’re not enough.

And if you’re not enough?

You feel you’re not loved.

Which is something I realise is a big need of mine!

Not because I’m unique in some way…

But because we all crave love.

But here is the thing…

Failure doesn’t = not being loved.

Failure is just learning.

Moving you closer to the things you want from life!

The truth is?

Many people give up on their dreams because they think they’re too difficult to achieve, or because they don’t want to push past this fear of the unknown or fear of failure.

Instead of persisting through failures and setbacks, they would rather settle.

But settling for a life you don’t love isn’t fulfilling.


Next time you’re thinking of giving up on your dreams, remember:

1. The only thing that’s holding you back from your dreams is you.

When you don’t believe in yourself, you’re ultimately stopping yourself from achieving the things you desire.

And who’s going to suffer from that? You.

2. Always have a clear vision. Your dream may be big. But by being clear about the things you want, it will help you focus on your goals.

Remember: everyone who’s achieved anything started off by dreaming.

3. Don’t let people convince you that your dreams are too big. If your dreams are big enough to scare you, then you know that the result will be worthwhile?

In the beginning, your dream might seem so big…

Or so difficult…

That you don’t know how you could ever achieve it.


You need to remember that even though the task might seem huge, it’s really made up by a series of smaller goals.

These smaller achievements will stack up.

And then you’ll build momentum…

Each step bringing you closer to your goal.

And eventually?

You’ll start to achieve your dreams.

And each of those setbacks?

All of your struggles?

Will be be part of the journey that will take you to a HUGE outcome!

So despite what people tell you…

Despite the fear you will feel…

Tell yourself:

Fuck being realistic!

Continue dreaming BIG…

Taking BIG moves…

And making BIG things happen!


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