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I’ve Fucked Up So I’m Giving Up

I’ve fucked up; so I’m giving up!

Ever done that?

Easily done isn’t it!

We can sometimes sabotage EVERYTHING we’ve done because we’ve not got the perfect result we were looking for straight away.

But here is the thing…

You’re mistakes don’t define you…

Well, actually they do, but not in the way you’re thinking of…

You may be thinking;

– I’m a failure
– I’m no good
– I’m useless

But actually, the reason mistakes define you, is they teach you things, and you become a better person as a result.

How many times have you looked back on a ‘mistake’ and said…

“I’m really fucking glad that happened!”

Because a mistake isn’t just a mistake…

It’s a chance to change, and to grow.

Wherever that mistake was…

It brought you here.

I don’t even want to count the amount of mistake’s I’ve made in my life.

But each one got me a step closer to where I am now.


Because I stood up and owned it.

I took the blow and moved straight on forward.

Knowing it was okay, with the hope that it was just part of my journey.

Changing the way you look at your mistakes, will change the way it effects you.

Take your last mistake…

Do you regret it now?

Or did it make you stronger, more focused?


So next time you make a mistake,

Look ahead…

Does the journey you imagined differ because of it?

Maybe it will…

But does the end goal change?

No. You can still keep going.

It doesn’t matter how many diversions you take.

You WILL arrive.

Along with all the shit life taught you along the way!

Before you let your mistake make you fall on your arse.

… and before you give up…

Grab your mistake by the balls and use it to continue driving you forward.



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