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“It’s greedy to make money; why don’t you donate it instead?”

Morons say this.


Rather than using your resources volunteering or donating to good causes – and helping a limited number of people at one time.

Why not invest your resources, whether it be money or time, creating wealth for yourself – and then use it to change the world, or at least help MORE people (including yourself by the way)

Just a thought.

The same thought Bill Gates and Warren Buffet had.

The greedy act of hitting the pinnacle of success and then using it for good, donating billions to charity and even attempting to cure the common cold.

Greedy bastards!

Drop that belief that money is greedy, then maybe you’ll make some.

P.s – don’t even try and throw the “money doesn’t buy you happiness” crap at me…

I know it doesn’t. However, it makes life a hell of a lot easier.

And it allows you to remove the stuff that doesn’t make you happy and focus on the stuff that does.

So although money doesn’t make you happy, it doesn’t mean that being skint will make you happy either.

I’d rather be miserable in hammock somewhere than crying at my desk in a job I hate anyway haha.

P.p.s – I’m not exactly minted myself, but I’m on my way now I’ve allowed myself to realise a few things like this.

Lastly, I think these few words sum up this post quite nicely:

Make more. Give more.



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