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Grow up Lewis!

Someone said that to me this morning.



Intrigued by their comment?

Very much so.

Who tells you that you should grow up?

Suppressed people!

Secretly, most people reminisce about their childhood years.

– Playing
– Smiling
– Laughing
– Learning
– Experimenting

A time where there were no worries, responsibilities, or pressure to be, do or have anything.

Just living life…


Expressing themselves exactly how they wanted to.

Promising themselves that they’d never grow up and become one of the stiff, up-tight people who seemed miserable all the time.

Life was easy at this point of their life…

It was before the years of pain…

Before the rejection, humiliation and embarrassment that caused them to suppress their true self.

You see, we all want to be accepted by others.

To be accepted means we feel enough.

To feel enough means we must be loved.

… and we ALL want love. (Whether you admit it or not)

But here’s the thing…

Do you want to be accepted by many as someone you’re not?

Or would you prefer to be accepted by a few that know the real you?

The truth is…

I hope I never grow up.

I’m sensible sometimes, but often childish and silly.

I can add value to people’s lives sometimes, but also mess around and waste their time.

Now, whilst maturity is a sign of development, this certainly doesn’t mean we have to ‘grow up’ from a self-expression point of view.

…and in that case, I suggest more people grown down!

Remember the child that used to promise themselves they’d always be that happy care-free person.

And as Oscar Wilde says:

“Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken”


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