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MY Story
EARLY Challenges

In South East London where my journey began, adversity wasn’t just a backdrop; it was a constant companion. We had to move out of our family home because someone set our car on fire. The bullying growing up wasn’t sporadic-it was an everyday ordeal, shaping my early years with challenges that seemed insurmountable at the time. And school was a different kind of battlefield. Caught up with the wrong crowd, my potential was overshadowed by the misconception that I was a stupid kid, I was quickly written off by my teachers.

My academic performance reflected this until I made a decisive move to isolate myself from the friends that were dragging me down, focusing instead on my studies. This wasn’t just about proving others wrong; it was a personal mission to redefine my future.

The loss of my dad to suicide marked a turning point in my life that can’t be explained. Plunging me into a depth of grief that nearly killed me. This personal tragedy, compounded with the harrowing experience of surviving the London Bridge Terror Attack of 2017 nearly crushed me forever whilst providing me with the stark realisation that life is fragile.

Dealing with my dad’s suicide was the toughest thing I’ve ever faced. It wasn’t just another everyday challenge. That loss broke me in a way I can’t fully describe. It made me look at everything differently. I was forced to see the world through a new lens. It was this turning point that really pushed me to change. The grief was overwhelming, but it also made me realise I needed to find a new direction for myself. It’s what drove me to turn things around, pushing me on this path of figuring out who I am and what I want to be.


When I became the youngest NLP Practitioner in the world
at just 16 years old and walked on fire with Tony Robbins at
17, it wasn’t just a personal milestone-it was the catalyst for
what would become The Coaching Masters.

Starting this business wasn’t just about launching a
company; it was about revolutionising the coaching industry.
My team and I introduced virtual reality training for coaches,
a Netflix style membership for coaching trainees, a
revolutionary app, and much more. Rapidly growing the
business to a valuation of $25 million. This innovation
captured the attention of Forbes, highlighting our role as
pioneers in the coaching sector.

Beyond the digital advancements, I wanted to make a tangible impact on the community. That led us to open a cafe and co-
working space in Bali, a place that embodies our commitment to local and global community support. It’s more than a business
venture; it’s a hub for connection and growth.

Our global reach extends to over 85 countries through our engaging and comprehensive online courses. We’ve built a vibrantcommunity committed to personal and professional growth, all united under the vision of transformative change.

Philanthropy is at the heart of what we do. I’ve made it mandatory for all our team members to engage in charity work, reinforcing
our commitment to giving back. This isn’t just about what we achieve within our walls-it’s about how we contribute to the world outside.

This story of The Coaching Masters is more than a narrative of business success; it’s a firsthand account of how we’re driving
change, challenging norms, and helping shape a better, more connected world.

Achieving Freedom

Life is very different now. I’m no longer worried about someone
setting our car on fire or getting bullied!

Living in a penthouse in London is a dailly reminder of how far
I’ve come. Here, my wife Claudia and I have faced life’s
challenges and celebrated its victories. It’s where we welcomed
our daughter Posey and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of
our son. These moments anchor my life with joy and deep

Travel has become a regular part of our lives, with trips to 16
countries in a single year and many more since. These journeys
enrich our family’s world view and connect us with cultures that
inspire and broaden our horizons.

Returning to my first passion, acting, has been immensely
rewarding. I actively participate in multiple film projects each
year, stepping into roles in front of and behind the camera,
including producing the Hollywood movie “5 Outlaws.” This re-
engogement with the film industry not only fulfils a personal
dream but also solidifies my success in the field.

My dedication to health and well-being is rigorous,
incorporating practices like Gary Brecka’s ‘Super Human
Protocol’, Wim Hof breathing exercises, and cold showers into
my daily routine. These habits ensure I’m always performing at
my best.

I also share the insights from my journey through speaking
engagements around the world, leveraging my experiences to
inspire others. The ability to spend ample time with my family,
hold citizenship in multiple countries, and attend high-profile
events like red carpet premieres, is not just a sign of my
entrepreneurial progress-it’s a testament to the life I’ve built
through determination and hard work. None of which would be
possible without the support of my family and an elevated

Each element of my life-from intimate family moments to
expansive global engagements-tells a story of trlumph over
adversity, of dreams realised and a life lived to the fullest.

This isn’t just success; it’s a vibrant, fulfilling existence crafted
through years of dedication and passion.

Always holding onto the primary focus. The more value you add
to other people’s lives, the more money you make.

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