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Liam has built 5 successful brands in his business portfolio, all dedicated towards his mission to take coaching to the masses. Below you can leam more about each one.


CoachApp is an immersive, safe, & results-driven application, with features in VR & Al, where coaches and coachees can connect on our social media platform, grow with our e-learning products, meet at our global oo-working spaces, and safety exchange coaching services on our marketplace.

The Coaching Masters

The Coaching Masters is an online coach training academy with accredited live and interactive courses covering a range of training to help new coaches get qualified, learn Neuro Linguistic Programming, launch their business, create an online course or explore holistic coaching modalities.

Cafe Coach

In-Person Events, Workshops, & Co-Working

Cafe Coach is a restaurant, co-working space, that hosts personal development workshops, networking and our signature coaching card deck on each table to facilitate coaching over breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our first location is in Bali, with new locations opening in London, Chang Mai & Miami over the next 12 months.


Coachflix is a monthly subscription for just $999 per month that gives you instant access to all our on- demand training and foundation certifications covering coaching, business, lifestyle, social media, coaching demos, neurolinguistic progromming, holistic modolities, balance in business, spirituality, mindset, technology & so much more. Including access to our private community, resources and even a complimentary 1:2:1 coaching session when you first join.

Fire Up

Fire Up is our in-person events where you learn from guest speakers, hear inspirational stories, meet other like minded people, walk across hot coals and become a fire walker, and party until the early hours of the morning in one jam packed live event!

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