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Winning Every Single Day

I wanted to share something with you this morning.

It’s been so powerful to me, and my life, so I hope someone else takes something from it too.

One of the biggest breakthroughs I ever had was so simple!

I was sat in front of a Psychologist in prison, with my arms crossed, being as defensive as humanly possible, as usual.

I had told him about my dream to go to university, but that I felt frustrated that the finish line seemed so distant in my mind.

“I’m not wasting 5-6 years of my life to start from scratch, just to get a piece of paper!”, I shouted at him.

Like something out of a film, with his notepad in his hand, he calmly replied…

“Enjoy the journey”

Every now and again you hear something and it makes total sense…

Clarity immediately came over me, and I realised what I had been doing wrong this whole time!

Because I was so focused on the end result, I was failing to acknowledge everything else along the way.

For example, university?

The piece of paper… who cares!

But what about:

– The satisfaction I would get for making the commitment to seek more from myself

– For doing something I never thought capable of doing

– Meeting new people

– Pushing myself and learning new things

– The fulfilment I’d get from knowing that I am moving closer to where I wanted to be

All of that could be experienced on a daily basis, right from the start.

Now, I’m sure getting to the end of your goal will be amazing…

But there is so much more to be enjoyed.

Take a step back…

Appreciate each and every daily win, the progression you make and the satisfaction you get from knowing you’re on the right path.

As long as you continue to do that?

Moving in the right direction…

Enjoying the journey…

You’ll eventually get to your destination.

But this way?

You win, every single day.

Not just on the last.



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