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Where’s Lewis gone?!

The guy who used to be plastered all over social media attention-seeking and occasionally offering pieces of value from time to time…

Well, the truth is, I’ve been building a life beyond my wildest dreams and an empire that will stand the test of time.

Sounds a bit extreme, but I really have!

Over the last 2 months alone:

– I’ve spoken on stage in Barcelona.
– Travelled to London, Barcelona, Paris & Bali.
– Misses 3 flights in a row to Vietnam.
– Moved to Bali.
– Secured a brand new 3 bedroom villa with a swimming pool.
– Hired 3 new staff members.
– Got myself a girlfriend.
– Had a 6 figure month.
– Drank cat poo coffee (if you know you know)
– Went to a water purification ceremony
– Had my palm read and was told I’d become extremely spiritual at the age of 68.
– and planned about 12 ridiculous huge projects coming in 2020.

But, here’s the thing…

Although I’ve been doing all that, I’ve been quite quiet on social media.

…and I don’t like to be quiet.

In fact, it actually makes me feel pretty disappointed.

Because I’ve got a message to share.

I managed to take myself from a drug-addicted prisoner to a world travelling online coach and entrepreneur.

And it’s not fair I don’t share what I’ve learned with others.

In 2020, I’m committed to helping more people than ever before to create the same type of results in their life as I have.

– Money
– Freedom
– Fulfilment
– Happiness
– Excitement

I want people to have it all, and I’ve learned some CRAZY tools to help people get there.

– Inner mindset shifts
– Business strategy
– Online technology

Wrap it all up and you’ve got a recipe for magic ?

Anyway, you’ll hear more about all this stuff soon, as I’m going to start shouting more.

– Seeking more attention.

– Adding more value.

– Sharing my message far and wide…

– Educating people that there is more to life, and anybody out there is capable of taking it!

Regardless of the inner stories they tell themselves about it not being possible for ‘people like them’.

This tattoo on my arm?

It represents freedom at The Coaching Masters.

At The Coaching Masters we are committed to giving ordinary people, extraordinary tools, to create freedom for themselves and others!

… and that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

So, watch this space.

You didn’t think I had gone anywhere, did you?

Lewis is back.


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