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What Decision Could You Make Today To Move You Forward In Life?

Waiting to make the right decision is the only wrong decision you can make.

I know that just twisted your mind a bit, but bear with me…

When I was 25 years old, I punched a guy in a taxi queue, and I went to prison again for the third time.


Or was it?

I got support in prison, got funding for rehabilitation and changed my entire life to the point I now help thousands of people…

Between the ages of 18-21 years old I sold drugs.


Or was it?

I learned how to push through fear, about sales and marking, finances and how to deliver a product in a competitive and high-risk environment.

2.5 years ago, I dropped out of studying a business degree after just 3 months.


Or was it?

I will have built a 7 figure business by the time the rest of my class even finish their business degree.


Have you ever wanted to make the ‘right’ decision so bad that you thought about all your options 5,92983,880 times and then still didn’t know….so you didn’t do anything at all?

Let’s me save you hours, weeks and months of frustration.



Do you know why?

1: Because you can’t read the future.

What is ‘right’ today, may be ‘wrong’ tomorrow based on external influences outside of your control. Both good and bad things can happen that change the course of your life.

2: Because you’re values, interests and environment will change.

What is important to you, what you like and where you are will be – will be different and will again mean the decision could be flipped again from ‘right’ to ‘wrong’.

3: You’re only guessing until you actually do it.

Regardless of how much thought you’re putting into making the ‘right’ decision – you’re speculating, making assumptions and predicting what it will be like. The reality is, as soon as you experience it, your opinion may change.

4: From who’s perspective is it ‘right?’

Everyone has different beliefs and opinions (complete polar opposites in fact). So to one person your decision is wrong, and the another it’s right. Another reason why it’s impossible to make the ‘right’ decision.


One of the biggest problems people face is putting their energy into trying to achieve things that aren’t possible.

Sitting there trying to make the ‘right’ decision for example causes people to:

– Overthink themselves into oblivion.
– Constantly feel frustrated with themselves.
– Feel deflated due to not obtaining the thing they’re seeking.

The reality is…

They and trying to achieve the impossible.

And guess what?

There is no right or wrong decisions, only decisions.

Let me say that again, because it’s a game changer:

[There is no right or wrong decisions, only decisions].

I’m not suggesting you don’t put some thought into trying to make choices that will move you closer to the things you want from life…

But never try and reach certainly with a decision, as it’s simply an illusion.

One thing to realise is whatever decision you make, most of the results and outcome are out of your hands.

When you learn to surrender and make decisions quickly – you’ll find yourself making some good decisions, and some not so good…

But regardless, every decision you make ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ will be moving your forward through life.

Learning, tweaking, using it as insight, lessons and information to move you closer and closer to the life you want.

In order to work out what you want, you also need to learn what you don’t want – and self-perceived ‘wrong’ decisions do that really well.

But sitting on the fence whilst you try and make the ‘right’ decision, will end up being the only wrong decision you ever really make – and you’ll stay stuck, and be left feeling frustrated and deflated – with no new information to know what move to make next.

So, to sum up:

If you find yourself in this state of indecision, realise it’s impossible to truly know the ‘right’ decision, and know that regardless of what decision you take, all decisions move you forward in some way.

And accepting that, is really the only right decision you can make for yourself.

What decision could you make today to move you forward in life?


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