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Three ways to scale your online coaching business

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Are you looking to take your online coaching business to the next level?

Want to reach more people and make more money, but like most coaches, you’re not sure it’s the right time or if you can even do it?

Successfully scaling your online business comes down to taking the right steps and putting in the hard work.

In this post, we’ll explore three ways to scale your coaching services to help you reach more people and make more money. 

By hiring the right people, automating your processes, and delegating tasks to other team members, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best and see your business grow.

So if you’re ready to take your business to new heights, read on!

I’ll show you how to scale your coaching business like a pro.

Let’s get started.

Why scale your coaching business?

Before charging ahead, it’s important to understand why you want to scale your coaching business in the first place.

There are many reasons to scale your business, but I’ll just cover some of the most common ones:

Getting more clients

As a coach, one of your main goals should be to attract new clients and expand your reach.

Scaling your coaching business can help you achieve this by increasing your exposure and building a better reputation.

Additionally, working with more clients can help you grow your business and increase your profits.

To scale your coaching business, focus on attracting new clients and expanding your reach.

This will help you achieve your goals and build a successful coaching practice.


Group of people pointing at something interesting on their laptop

Serving more people

When you scale your coaching business, you open up the opportunity to help more people.

And when you help more people, you make a bigger impact in their lives.

You help them to see possibilities they never thought possible.

When you scale your coaching business, you not only change the lives of your clients, but you also change the world.

Increased profits

No question that increasing profits is a primary goal for any business owner.

But many coaches don’t realize that scaling their coaching business is one of the fastest ways to achieve that goal.

Sure your running costs may increase but you can reach more clients and charge higher rates so you’ll see a dramatic increase in your bottom line.

Yes, scaling takes time and effort.

But it’s worth the investment if you’re serious about increasing your profits.




Improving the quality of service

Hiring more qualified employees or automating certain processes can help you improve the quality of your coaching service.

Hiring people that only specialize in one area like group coaching or business growth can give your business a competitive edge and keep customers coming back.

When is the right time to scale?

They say there’s never a perfect time to start, but if your business ticks these three boxes, and I’d say you’re about as ready as you’ll ever be!

  • You’re making a good income and have room to grow
  • Your client base is growing, and you need more resources to serve them
  • Processes are running smoothly and can be automated

Sure, there are about a million reasons for waiting before scaling, but waiting too long will only mean missed opportunities and profits.

clock with time passing by


If you ticked these three boxes just take the leap. Success is not a destination but a journey.

Even if and when you run into problems it’s just an opportunity to further grow your own skills and experience.

Now, let’s get started with scaling your business!

Here are some strategies that you can use to help you scale your coaching business.

Hiring people for your business

When you start to scale your business, the most common method is to think about hiring people.

The right employees can be invaluable in helping you manage a larger workload and providing the quality of service your clients deserve.

Not only that, but without hiring extra people to take some of the work off your hands, you won’t have the free time or resources to implement any of the other strategies we discuss below.

Be warned, though, almost everyone I know has had some sort of bad experience when hiring, so make sure you do your due diligence and hire the right people for the job.

To make the hiring process as smooth as possible, I’ve included some tips to help you hire the right people the first time around.


Woman working on laptop from a cozy workspace


How to find the right people

Start by creating detailed job descriptions that outline what you are expecting from each role, and don’t be afraid to be specific – this will help you find talented people who really fit with your company culture.

You’ll want to use job boards and social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter to find candidates who match the criteria in your job descriptions.

Finally, take your time when interviewing candidates – ask lots of questions, observe their body language, and even invite them in for a trial run if you can.

The more effort you put into this process now, the easier it will be for you to find great employees who can help you grow your business.




What to look for in potential employees

When you’re searching for potential employees, there are a few key factors to look out for

These include:

  • Relevant experience and qualifications – it’s important to make sure the candidate has the right background and skills to do the job
  • Good communication skills – if your team is going to be working remotely, you’ll need people who can communicate well and build great relationships
  • The right attitude – this is hard to measure, but you should look for people who have a positive outlook and are passionate about what they do
  • Finally, you’ll want to make sure the candidate understands your company values and has a good understanding of your mission

Where to find cheap and competent employees

When you’re starting out, it can be tempting to try and find the cheapest employees, but this is often a false economy.

If you want your coaching business to scale quickly and efficiently, you’ll need people with the right qualifications and experience.



There are plenty of online resources that allow you to hire a virtual assistant, including freelancer websites and job boards.

On these sites, you’ll be able to find experienced professionals who can help you grow your business without breaking the bank.

You may consider offering equity or reduced rates for long-term contracts as incentives.

This will help attract more talented people and ensure they work hard to move your business forward.

Automating your business processes

Once you have a team in place, the next step is to automate your business processes.

This means setting up systems and workflows that allow you to manage tasks like customer service, accounting, marketing, and even online courses more efficiently.

It really helps to have a sound understanding of your entire business model from led generation to client offboarding so you can better understand the areas that need automation.

Once you have a good idea of what needs automating, there are many tools and software options out there to help you get the job done quickly and easily.

For example, Zapier is an automation platform that can filter a potential client on your landing page to the initial stages of your sales funnel.

This turns a pretty hands-on process almost completely automatic in a matter of minutes.

How to Automate Your Email Marketing

Email is an important part of any online business, and automating this process can save you a lot of time.

You can use the automation features to send personalized emails, create segmented lists and track key performance metrics.

The more you automate, the more efficient your marketing efforts will become.

Just a quick note: there are so many software options available to automate your email and they all offer pretty similar features.

Don’t get too caught up trying to figure out the best one.

Pick one and move on.

If you find you’re lacking something crucial another software can always be integrated later on.

How to Automate Your Social Media Marketing

Social media is a key part of any online coaching businesses marketing strategy, and automating this process can help you save time while still getting results.

Tools like Hootsuite or Buffer help you automate your social media marketing.

With these tools, you can schedule posts in advance and even use automation features to target specific audiences based on their interests and demographics.

This allows you to give more time to creating quality content rather than trying to keep up with the latest trends.

You can also use automation to curate content and engage with your followers.

This will help you build relationships, drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales.


social media on Iphone


How to Automate Your CRM Processes

Your customer relationship management (CRM) processes are key to the success of any online business, and automating this process can help you save time while still providing an excellent service.

These platforms allow you to create automated workflows, which will help streamline the way you manage customer data and communications.

You can also use automation to collect feedback, track sales performance and send personalized messages to different clients as easy, hands-off marketing.

By automating your CRM processes, you’ll be able to focus more on building relationships with your customers and increasing sales.

How to Automate Your Lead Gen

Your online business wouldn’t survive without a steady stream of leads, and automating your lead-generation process can ensure that no matter how busy things get, you never stop reaching out to new customers.

There are plenty of lead generation tools available which allow you to create automated workflows.

These will help you capture leads from different sources, track their performance and send personalized messages to key customers.




There are endless ways to automate your business these are just a few key examples.

The only thing stopping you is your imagination and the time you’re willing to invest.

With the right team in place and automation, you’ll be able to scale your online coaching business quickly and efficiently.

Delegating tasks to other team members

Once you have a few competent team members in place, it’s crucial to begin delegating tasks to them so they can actually help you scaling your coaching business.

The trick when delegating is figuring out which tasks are best suited for each team member and what tasks you should take off your plate.

This will free up more time for yourself and allow more focus on the bigger picture.

It’s also important to have regular check-ins with team members so you can ensure they’re making progress and staying on track.

What tasks you decide to hand off to your team is unique for each person and their strengths and weaknesses, but some common tasks that you can delegate are:

Tasks that don’t require your personal attention

It’s nice to feel like you know what’s happening in your business at all times, but do you really need to know every detail of your business?


Lewis Raymond Taylor attending a meeting on a laptop


Any tasks that don’t require your personal attention to complete, such as customer service inquiries, scheduling meetings and tasks, or researching potential products, are all ideal for delegation.

Other potential tasks are:

  • Content creation/SEO
  • Social media management
  • Graphic design
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Data entry

These are all tasks that you can delegate to a competent team member and will allow you more time to focus on the bigger picture of scaling your business.

Tasks that don’t require a lot of time

It’s easy to look over little tasks that don’t t require much time, but they can really add up and take away from other more important things.

Look for tasks that can be done quickly, such as scheduling appointments, responding to emails, and filing paperwork.

By delegating these tasks, you’ll be able to stay in a flow state without constantly being distracted whenever something small needs to be done.




Tasks that you don’t enjoy doing

Do you find yourself procrastinating on certain tasks that you don’t enjoy? If so, delegate them!

It’s natural to want to avoid the things we don’t like doing, but if it’s a necessary part of running your business, then it needs to be done.

Find someone who enjoys those types of tasks and get them to do them. That way, you won’t have to worry about it and can focus on the things that energize you.

By delegating tasks you don’t like, you’ll be able to scale your business faster and be happier and more productive in the process.


Now that you know about the importance of scaling your business and the different ways to go about it, it’s time to take action.

When done correctly, hiring, automating and delegating can help you create a well-oiled machine that will help you take your business to new heights but the tips and resources provided in this article will help you get started, but it’s up to you to make things happen.

So go out there and build your team, automate your processes and delegate like a boss!



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