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Turning Adversity
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Turning Adversity Into An Asset

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To bring awareness to coaching so people can raise their children in a safe and nurturing way. I can achieve this by sharing my story, delivering training that is taken by thousands of people and coaching elite coaches to achieve exponential growth in their businesses so they can spread the power of coaching across the globe with me!

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Perching on the edge of my tiny prison bed, after being sentenced to eighteen months for my third prison sentence at the age of twenty-fourth years old – I remember saying out loud “I can’t keep doing this to myself; I can’t keep blaming everything and everyone around me for why my life seems so hard!”. I finally starting taking responsibility, and for once understood that if I wanted my life to change, first, I needed to change myself.

I didn’t speak about my feelings with anyone, mainly because they were so suppressed, I didn’t even know they were there. I just felt angry, restless and discontent all the time, and like something was missing; a void that could never be filled or satisfied. I tried to fill the void by taking drugs, drinking alcohol, fighting, sex, gambling – you name it, I tried it; but nothing ever really seemed to ‘do it’ for me. I now know that the reason nothing was working, was because I was trying fix an internal problem with an external solution. I looked at everything around me, but failed to look at myself. It seems so obvious now!

Lewis Raymond Taylor
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Built a $25,000,000 business in 3 years from scratch with no investment
Generate over $300,000 per month in hands-off passive income
Four Successful Brands, The Coaching Masters, Café Coach, Coachflix & CoachApp
Full feature article written about his story in Forbes Magazine
Ed-Tech Innovator in VR & AI
Listed in the top ten coaches in the world by Yahoo Finance
Spoken on stage with Tony Robbins, Les Brown & Marisa Peer
Full-length documentary launch scheduled for 2023
International motivational TEDx Speaker
Been immersed in the coaching industry for 7 years
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You’ll know by now I transformed myself from a drug addicted prisoner, who has suffered with bereavement, trauma, sexual abuse, addiction, prison sentences and even a suicide attempt, to helping changes tens of thousands of peoples lives around the world, running a $25 million dollar business, whilst I travel the world with my amazing wife Dayana.

The way I did this was by understanding my archetype and compounded dozens of crucial competencies together to achieve exponential results in my life and business.

Luckily for you, we’re ready for you to take my new free quiz where you’ll immediately receive your exact exponential growth score, archetype, strengths and what you need to work on to achieve exponential growth.

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Innovator of coachapp
Innovator of coachapp

One application where users can connect on our social media platform, grow with our e-learning products, meet at our global co-working spaces, and safety exchange coaching services on our marketplace.

Speaker at TedX

 Lewis shared his ideas of how we can all turn our lives around, even if we feel we are at the point of no return, how AI & VR will change the world, how we all have choice in the way we see ourselves and the world around us – and theoretically, how we can turn a black hole, white.

I couldn’t believe that I have made a $22,000 launch!

Samanta Katz

I have a successful online business that began with $20,000 monthly and is now making more.

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