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Taking Responsibility For Your Life

“It wasn’t my fault, one thing led to another and before I knew it…. things just spiralled out of control!”

Ever heard yourself say that? I seemed to say it a hell of lot a few years ago.

The crazy thing is, I actually thought that was a valid excuse for all the ‘bad luck’ in my life.

To a certain extent, I was right. I absolutely had lost control; but… it WAS my fault!

I was refusing to accept responsibility for my own decisions, my actions, my behaviour and ultimately, my life.

The problem with refusing to take responsibility, is you have absolutely no way of improving the situation or preventing it from happening again.

Then what happens?

You make another bad decision, and another, and another; before you know it…

You’re sitting there thinking “How did I end up here, again!”

That happened to me anyway, over and over and over. Waking up: in a police cell, in some grimy old flat, or with your two front teeth missing. Okay, maybe that was just me.

Anyway, after a moment of clarity, I decided to stop letting things ‘sprial out of control’ and take my CONTROL BACK.

But how? Very simple actually:

By accepting that it was ME that was causing these circumstances to occur in my life.

Obvious, I know! But to me…

It was his fault, her fault their fault; and because of this, that and the other – but I never looked at myself.

By taking my control back, it gave me power.

The power to change
The power to grow
The power is start to influence my life

You see, if you take responsibly for yourself. Guess what?

You can tackle the problem! You don’t push the blame on to somebody else and refuse to do anything about it. You try and resolve the problem, you work out what made it occur in the first place, and you then put in preventative measures to ensure it NEVER happens again!

As a result?

Things don’t become progressively worse, one bad thing doesn’t lead to another, and you start to have choice in your life.

The moment I realised this, everything around me started to fall into place.

So much so, that sometimes I have to sit back and look at my life and think “WOW – how did this happen!”

Do you realise what happened?!


Yes, the same process when things escalate out of control, can happen in the complete opposite direction; in a positive way!

Please realise something, for me.

You have choices today. You can:

Accept, or blame.

Tackle, or avoid.

Spiral in, or out of control.

Which will you choose?

Lewis ~ someone who’s been there

P.S – once you start taking responsibility for your life…

Opportunities fall in your lap, your life falls into place and everything starts to look brighter. I promise you that.

If you want your life to spiral back into control, then take responsibility now and reach out. I’d love to see if I can help.

Life is one hell of a journey, just make sure you’re in the driver’s seat.




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