SPEAKER (2) – Lewis Raymond Taylor





Believe it or not, although I don’t have a care in the world in the online space…

I actually have a fear of public speaking.

It’s not hugely noticeable, but it’s really uncomfortable for me.

Of course it won’t hold me back…

From battling drug-addiction, crime, prison, mental health and a life of limitations – to a world-travelling online entrepreneur and coach.

I’ve got lots of value to offer…

And now’s the time to own the stage and inspire thousands!

Fire Up 2019

It was surreal. I’ve had a sold out entrepreneurial motivational seminar with speakers, training, a fire walk, and an after party for people from countries all over the world!

Meeting so many people in real life who have followed me online over the last few years and it hit me…

The impact I’ve made!

People telling me how I’ve has helped them break through things in their life…

Motivated them?
Inspired them?
Changed their lives?!

How did this happen!

Sharing my story like I’ve never told it before, with 300 people giving me a standing ovation…

I felt so proud. 

I was in a prison cell not so long ago, and to this day…

I’m Lewis Raymond Taylor, a Motivational & International Keynote Speaker who will be changing more lives!