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Not a care in the world!

Not a care in the world!

But has it always been this way?


In fact, I used to battle with myself day in, day out.

The fear of failure, thinking I wasn’t good enough, and feeling like I was somehow different to everyone else made me feel hopeless.

The only option for someone like me?

Drink alcohol, take drugs, and be as reckless as possible.

Because surly that would be the only thing that would make me feel like I was actually living, and drown out the thoughts and feelings that screamed at me that I could be doing more.

A while ago, it hit me why I wasn’t allowing myself to do more with my life.

I simply didn’t care about myself enough to make it happen.

I mean, would you do something for someone you didn’t care about?

Or course you wouldn’t.

So why would you build yourself a decent life, if you didn’t care about yourself?

Doesn’t make sense right.

It wasn’t that I was different from everyone else, I just simply wasn’t allowing myself to make things happen.

Eventually (and luckily) I started to work on those thoughts and feeling, and decided I needed to start taking care of myself.

I started to pin-point where these thoughts and feelings came from, and started to take my mind in a new direction.

I explored opportunities, and started to take action.

From taking action, I started to see results.

These results filled me with excitement knowing I was on the right track, and I started to create belief in myself, which then caused me to want to take MORE action!

Fast forward a few years, and my life is unrecognisable.

But, so is the inner battle.

When I look at the things I’ve achieved, I’ve got no choice but to accept my progress.

And those negative thoughts and feelings not long hold space in my mind.

So, yeah, now, as I lay here working from my laptop in Bali, I’ve not got a care in the world!

And ironically, that care-free mentality came from caring about myself enough to remove the mental obstacles in my way that were stopping me from taking action to start building a life that I wanted all along.

Do you care about yourself enough to become care free?



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