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Master these three basics if you want your business to grow

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If you’ve been a personal coach for a while, you know that money is one of the most important things to your business. After all, if you don’t have cash flow coming in, you can’t keep your business running.

But are you struggling to make ends meet in your coaching business? Do you constantly worry about money and where your next client will come from?

Maybe it’s time to look at your traffic, conversion and products.

Trust me, I’ve been there and know what it takes to get out of the rat race and into a place of financial freedom. If you master these three things in your business, you’ll never have to worry about money again.

So let’s get started!

Traffic: the lifeblood of your business.

You could spend all your money, time and energy on becoming the greatest coach the world has ever known, but it wouldn’t matter if nobody knew you existed.

You need traffic for your business.

You need people to see your offer and be interested in it.

Simply put, the more eyeballs you have on your product, the better your chance of making a sale.

So the trick is to find ways to get more traffic to your business.

You need to be constantly exploring new avenues and testing different strategies. What works for one coach might not work for another, so it’s important to experiment and find what works best for you.

Even when you’ve found a winning strategy, it’s important to continue testing new avenues. The world is always changing, and what worked yesterday might not work today.

Think out of the box and be creative, trying new ways to get traffic to your business.

There are no rules, have fun!

Conversion: The art of providing value

Once you have a steady traffic flow to your business, it’s time to start thinking about conversion.

Conversion is all about providing value to your audience and turning their interest into action.

You need to give them a reason to take the next step with you, whether that’s signing up for a freebie, hopping on a call or hiring you as their coach.

The best way to do this is to focus on what you can GIVE in every interaction you have with potential clients. This means being helpful, friendly and informative – helping them see that you’re the expert they need.

It doesn’t take much to make people feel like you care; little things will go a long way to making them want to work with you.

The goal is to connect with potential customers emotionally and psychologically and build long-term relationships.

My favourite way to do this is by writing blog posts, creating video content, and interacting with people on social media.

Make building relationships with customers the focus of your business, and you’ll soon start to see the results in your bank balance.

Product: how to give more than you, when you is all you have to give.

Okay, now you have ten different ways to get traffic, and you’re giving so much back that people are comparing you to the Dalai Lama.

Congratulations, you’ve mastered the basics that will take you to a comfortable 6-figure business!

But now what?

You’re still only able to earn as much as the hours you put in. What happens if you have a few bad months of no new clients or an injury takes you out for a while?

Will your business keep running while you’re gone?

You want something that will continue to work for you even when you can’t be there.

The answer is products.

Creating products is one of the best ways to scale your business. Once you have a product, you can sell it over and over again without putting in any more time or energy.

I know. You’re thinking, “I am the product! I’m providing my time and energy, and that’s what people are paying me for!” True, but there is a limit to how much time and energy you have.

You can only work with so many people at one time, and you can only be in one place at a time.

Creating a product is the key to unlocking true financial freedom in your business. It’s what will allow you to reach more people and have a bigger impact on the world.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated either – it can be something as simple as an ebook, a course, or a membership site.

Image of membership that you can get on the website The Coaching Masters

The important thing is that you start thinking about how to create something that will serve your audience and help you scale your business even when you can’t be there in person.

Growing a successful business is not easy, but it is possible if you have the right mindset and are willing to do the work. Keep these principles in mind as you strive to take your business to the next level.

Pick one area to focus on and put a plan together. Whether it’s traffic, conversion or product, have a clear strategy for growing your business. And don’t forget to continue testing new things – what works today might not work tomorrow, so always be prepared to adapt.

If you can master these three areas, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful, sustainable business that will provide you with the life you’ve always wanted.

You got this!


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