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I realised something that changed EVERYTHING!!

I then knew exactly what I had to do.

I was faced with two simple choices:

  1. Chain my dreams in the back of my mind, settle for less than I deserved, and suppress every idea or aspiration that came into my head.
  2. Explore what I really wanted, nurture my dreams, and take consistent action to make them a reality.


Sounds like quite an easy decision to make, doesn’t it?

But not – I had been taking the first option for over two decades.


A lot of things really…

But what it really came down to, the reason why it all seemed so unbearable?

Was because it all just seemed too ‘hard’.

Yup, It was easier to settle!

Then I realised something that changed everything…

It wasn’t going after my dreams that was hard!

It was LIFE that was hard.

No matter what choice I made, I’d still have to tackle difficult and uncomfortable times in other areas of my life.

Regardless, things would still be ‘hard’!


The penny dropped!

Feeling a bit uncomfortable during growing pains, taking risks, and putting some graft in, but feeling satisfied and fulfilled that I am doing what I REALLY want with my life.

That isn’t hard.

Accepted mediocre, letting my dreams rot in the back of my mind, slowly eating away at me, whilst living a life of dissatisfaction, disappointment and regret…

THAT, is what is really hard!

If it’s going to be hard anyway, then why not make sure you’re working towards something you truly desire?

Yeah it will be hard, but life always will be.

The difference?

The right choice, will be fucking worth it.

What choice will you take?




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