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My Perjonal Miggion Is...

To make as much money as I possibly can via helping as many people as I possibly can. With the firm
belief that those two things go hand in hand, I have dedicated my life to adding value to other people’s
lives. I do this as an expert trainer in both Life Coaching and NLP, having qualified thousands of students
across the globe. As a personal mentor to business owners whose mindset limit their revenue growth. And
by expressing my passion for storytelling as a film actor and executive producer.

THE 8-FIGURE Buginegs Ouner

I have built 4 successful brands under The Coaching Masters
umbrello, now valued at $25,000,000. From innovative VR
training experiences to offline co-working for coaches.

Business Valuation
$ 0 M
Paying Customers
Countries Served
THE Actor

If you don’t make time for your passions then what’s the point of creating success? Acting has always been my primary passion and the freedom I’ve created through business building allows me to express it. I was an actor long before I started my first business and my acting career has taken me from BBC dramas to Hollywood
Studio Films.

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THE Exeeutine Producer

A long time ago someone said to me “Build your own stage”.

Instead of waiting for someone to make me successful, I built my business. Instead of waiting for someone to cast me in films, Icreate my own.

As an Executive Producer I create film projects that I want to be a part of and film projects I would like to watch. The time and financial freedom created through business makes this possible. Studio Films.

THE Mindet Experience

Above all else, the area in which I am considered a world class expert is Mindset.

The sole reason I have achieved everything I have in life and business so far is because of my mindset.

My joumney to becoming a leading authority within this field began at just 16 years old, when I became the youngest qualified NLP Practitioner in the world and walked on fire with Tony Robbins at 17.

With two decades dedicated to mastering and teaching the intricacies of NLP, Life Coaching, and a collection of mindset- enhancing tools, techniques and frameworks – My mindset is the foundation of my success in both life and business.

My level of expertise is why I’m sought after by some of the world’s top organizations to empower their leaders, as well as multiple celebrities across the globe.

I have a firm belief : Your income level will never outgrow your mindset limitations. Even if you master marketing, product development, team building or any of the other things required to grow a successful business, you will always remain stuck if do not break down all mental barriers stopping you from elevating.

As I prepare to launch an exclusive mastermind for business owners only, my commitment to unlocking potential through mindset development has never been stronger, offering an unparalleled opportunity for those looking to break the glass ceiling in which they are currently stuck.

THE Press

It would be fair to say that I’ve made headlines over the past few years.

From creating the fastest growing coaching academy on earth, being the first academy in history to offer
training inside of VR, developing an app that Forbes needed to write about, staring in and producing
Hollywood movies, being featured on a Netflix Top 10 Documentary and overall maintaining expert
mindset development throughout the journey.

It’s been a lot of fun sharing my journey and expertise with the world!

THE Charity

Through The Coaching Masters I create an environment of giving back. It’s part of The Coaching Masters culture to ensure we’re doing all we can to help those that don’t have the resources to help themselves.

Every single person that works for my organisation participates in at least one charitable act per month.

With over 100+ members of stoff doing this every single month, we create a huge ripple effect of good that will be felt for years to come.