Keep Pushing – Lewis Raymond Taylor

Keep Pushing

Keep Pushing

I truly believe that some of us were supposed to face challenges, endure painful circumstances and have to tackle extreme life adversity.

We are now blessed with the roadmap of how to overcome these obstacles and the opportunity to help others do the same; or better yet, ensure they don’t face the obstacles in the first place.

A Counsellor once told me a quote that has formed the foundations of how I am now able to help people.

“A smart person learns from their mistakes. A wise person learns from the mistakes of others”.

The ones who have had to endure these difficult times, have done so, so that others now don’t have to!

If you’re facing a difficult challenge, enduring painful circumstances or having to tackle extreme life adversity, then you’re about to be blessed with a new opportunity…

An opportunity to serve others.

That, to me anyway, is worth the struggle.

Keep pushing – opportunity awaits.

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