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I’m swapping fame, for creating IMPACT!

I’m swapping fame, for creating IMPACT!

I thought I wanted to be famous….

But actually I just wanted to be loved.


I kind of knew this, but I chose to ignore it and go after it anyway.

But actually?

I don’t want to be famous for the sake of being famous.

I want to be famous for something.

For creating an impact.

For being of value to people.

For being great at something.

Now, I’ve got a talent…

Business and mindset.

I mean, jumping out of prison and changing my life, building businesses from scratch and helping others, probably demonstrates more talent than a pretty face or 2 mins of fame on a TV show.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t like the visibility on TV…

But seeking it, is distracting me from my purpose.

I believe I can see things, some find it hard to see.

I believe I understand things, some find it hard to understand.

And I TRULY believe that I can help people, when some feel helpless.

So, I’ve made a decision.

I will no longer seek fame from modelling or reality tv.

I’ll start serving people EVEN MORE.

I’ll start sharing my story EVEN MORE.

I’ll start adding value EVEN MORE.

And I’ll be EVEN MORE:




… and if that leads me to fame.

So be it.

But I now understand that I don’t need fame to feel significant and loved.

I can love myself, feel the love from others and take great pride in maybe helping others love themselves and their life too.

Bare with me guys, I’m doing a lot of learning recently!

…and although I help people on their journey…

It doesn’t mean I am not on my own journey too!

I will KEEP pushing forward harder than ever.

I’ve got a mark to leave!

Time to swap fame for creating impact in 2019!

Watch this space ?


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