I guess it’s time to evolve. – Lewis Raymond Taylor

I guess it’s time to evolve.

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I guess it’s time to evolve.

Does this feel uncomfortable?

Damn right it does.

Does it feel good?

Damn right it does!

I’ve been contemplating treating myself like this for a while.

But, there’s a lot of beliefs from my past telling me that it’s selfish, greedy and showing off.

On the other hand, what people don’t see is when I was cycling to the laundrette at 25 years old to get my clothes washed with my benefit money.

And living in a clean and dry house after being released from rehab.

Then working 14 hour days, going to college, drug and alcohol meetings, and building a business from scratch with zero money.

A few years later, I see myself as someone who is here to inspire people and show them what is possible.

To do that, I need to constantly evolve into a better person inside and out.

And if that means enjoying the fruits of my labour in the process?

Well, I think I’ve deserved it.

Oh, and another thing: you do too.

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