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Imagine every time an opportunity presented itself to you, someone whispered straight into your ear and told you, “You’re useless and incapable of doing ANYTHING!”.

Wouldn’t feel very nice for starters, would it?

It would likely completely put you off taking advantage of the opportunity, too.

Now, imagine that 50 times a day, everyday, for the whole of your life…

Someone constantly putting you down, discouraging you from moving forward, and enforcing every negative belief you have about yourself.

Sounds even worse, right?

Now, imagine if that person was you?

Think about the times you’ve:

* Dismissed a business opportunity because you’d never be able to work hard enough.

* The evening class you didn’t take because you weren’t clever enough.

* The date you didn’t go on because you weren’t good enough.

See a theme here?


If you constantly tell yourself you’re not enough…

Guess how you’re going to feel?

Not enough.

When you don’t feel enough.

Guess what you won’t do?

Go after the things you want in life.

You may not even be aware you’re doing this.

Try and catch yourself next time you talk to yourself in this way.

Tell yourself the direct opposite and start to change the way you feel.

“I am enough!”
“I am enough!”
“I am enough!”

Because, guess what?

You are, and always have been.

Get used to the process of fighting those voices away.

Because, the next time an opportunity presents itself to you, instead of negativity, you’ll hear a voice whispering straight in your ear saying…

“Go for it!”



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