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How To Motivate And Inspire Your Audience

Someone called me a Lecturer yesterday; I almost crapped my pants with excitement.

Of course, I’m not a Lecturer; but the fact that somebody thought I was, made it all so real that I’ve lost my reputation as a: violent thug, druggy, convict – to name a few.

Thank you Highbury College for allowing me to present my talk, “It’s amazing what you can do in a year’, to the A level & Access students, yesterday. As well as presenting me with the Achievement Award for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

I was uncomfortable and nervous, of course – but the great response I got, made it all worthwhile!

One student said:

“Well done for changing your life around and becoming who you are today you should be so proud of yourself and you have made me realise if I want something bad enough to believe in myself and my dreams will come to true, thank you” ~ Sophie Day, Access Student

This is why I do this stuff!

Help me become more uncomfortable! I’m desperate to continue growing in this area…

If you’re interested in motivating and inspiring your audience:

The main areas covered in this specific talk are:

* Realisation that motivation isn’t consistent and there will be times when tools will be needed to maintain motivation.

* Creating a vision of the future.

* The sacrifice and discipline that is necessary to achieve your vision.

* Story telling to provide empowerment with regards to hard work and consistency.

* My story of overcoming adversity – allowing you to realise: that your problems aren’t an excuse to underachieve; how beliefs can hold you back; and that you can learn anything and be successful, if you’re hungry enough for it.

If this talk, or any other bespoke speaking, is of interest to you, please reach out.

Lewis Raymond Taylor ~ someone who’s been there.




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