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If You Want Happiness? Turns Out, Louis Vuitton is Not Required.

I spent £10,000 in Louis Vuitton in a week

I was kind of hooked.

Just a few months ago, when I was living in London, I bought a travel bag, then a backpack, a few pairs of trainers, a t-shirt.

Before I knew it, I had a belt, wallet, aftershave, and even a bloody passport holder! “It was a symbol of hard work” – I told myself.

I never thought I’d be able to own this stuff, and I had earned it – so why not?

But in reality, the more LV stuff I bought, the more hollow I felt.

I always thought I’d feel so happy if I had all the luxury brands, but it just made me feel disconnected from others.

As soon as I arrived in Bali, I took all that stuff and stuffed it into the back of my wardrobe.

I even went to the market to replace my wallet, as I wanted to be completely rid of it all.

And I can’t tell you how much better I feel!

Don’t get me wrong, I like nice things, such as a villa, or the places I go, but brands, and items solely for the purposes of showing off, just feels soulless.

It’s crazy really.

You spend your whole life craving these things, and then you get them, and then realise you were better off without them in the first place.

Today, I sit here, in clothes worth £10, not £10,000.

And I feel happier than ever.

Guess what?

If you want happiness?

Turns out, Louis Vuitton is not required ❤️

Live Fully. Because That’s All That Really Matters.

You don’t matter!

I don’t matter.

None of it really does.

In fact, everyone on the planet will be dead in 130 years.

And then within a short time, we’ll be forgotten.

And in more time after that, this entire civilisation will be forgotten.

And you care about what she thinks of you?

He thinks of you?

What ‘they’ might say?

What the fuck is judgment in 130 years when the whole planet is dead?





Because like I said.


You don’t matter.

I don’t matter.

Nothing really matters.

So enjoy the ride whilst it lasts, and do everything you want because even if shit hits the fan, who cares?

It will be forgotten.

Along with everything else.

So live fully.

Because that’s all that really matters.

What Will the Person You Become Be Doing in A Few Years Time?

From downing vodka to water purification ceremonies.

From the age of 13, I was experimenting with drugs, smoking, and by 17, drinking was a huge part of my life.

The years to follow that would result in daily alcohol and drug abuse 3-4 nights in a row without eating, or sleeping or drinking water.

Life has been a journey, to say the least…

I used to think that you couldn’t change a person.

We listen to stupid sayings like “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and “a leopard never changes its spots” and think that we have no hope.


I have been clean from drugs and alcohol for years, and instead, I’m travelling the world doing things like this!

Dayana Carmona and I went to a water purification ceremony and experienced some local culture, where you bath and cleanse your soul through the Hindu god of knowledge.

I got a much better high than vodka, that’s for sure.

Anyway, if you too believe you can’t change…

Trust me, I never would have even contemplated doing a water purification ceremony a few years ago.

Yet the person I am today did it, and loved it!

What will the person you become be doing in a few years time?

You’re Alive Temporarily. Let That Sink In.

You’re alive temporarily.

Let that sink in.

The world has existed before you were here and will continue on after you leave.

Eventually, all of us, even the greats, will be forgotten about.

We’re here for a microscopic amount of time.

But yet I feel some people forget that.

Watching TV all evening.

Working long hours in jobs they don’t like.
Staying in toxic relationships.

All whilst the.

Ignoring their dreams.

Neglecting their friends.

Not taking risks to find new love.

Not allowing themselves to go on an adventure.

Just sat there, existing, not living, hoping that something will change.

Sat in a deep sense of ignorance that they’ll be here forever.

But the truth?

Time is running out.

You know when your 7 day holiday goes by in a flash?

And you get back to work and wish you were back on the beach?

But you look forward to your next year’s holiday?

Well, you can’t do that with your life.

Once it’s over, it’s over.

No going back.

No second runs.

So live life like you’re on holiday.

Every day.

Turn the TV off.

Do those things you really want to do.

Be spontaneous.

Fall in love again with life, yourself, someone else (OR ALL THREE). And sit back at the end of your life, nodding to yourself, with a proud smile of your face.

Because you know that your microscopic amount of time on this earth.

Was spent wisely.

Where’s Lewis Gone?!

Where’s Lewis gone?!

The guy who used to be plastered all over social media attention-seeking and occasionally offering pieces of value from time to time…

Well, the truth is, I’ve been building a life beyond my wildest dreams and an empire that will stand the test of time.

Sounds a bit extreme, but I really have!

Over the last 2 months alone:

– I’ve spoken on stage in Barcelona.
– Travelled to London, Barcelona, Paris & Bali.
– Misses 3 flights in a row to Vietnam.
– Moved to Bali.
– Secured a brand new 3 bedroom villa with a swimming pool.
– Hired 3 new staff members.
– Got myself a girlfriend.
– Had a 6 figure month.
– Drank cat poo coffee (if you know you know)
– Went to a water purification ceremony
– Had my palm read and was told I’d become extremely spiritual at the age of 68.
– and planned about 12 ridiculous huge projects coming in 2020.

But, here’s the thing…

Although I’ve been doing all that, I’ve been quite quiet on social media.

…and I don’t like to be quiet.

In fact, it actually makes me feel pretty disappointed.

Because I’ve got a message to share.

I managed to take myself from a drug-addicted prisoner to a world travelling online coach and entrepreneur.

And it’s not fair I don’t share what I’ve learned with others.

In 2020, I’m committed to helping more people than ever before to create the same type of results in their life as I have.

– Money
– Freedom
– Fulfilment
– Happiness
– Excitement

I want people to have it all, and I’ve learned some CRAZY tools to help people get there.

– Inner mindset shifts
– Business strategy
– Online technology

Wrap it all up and you’ve got a recipe for magic 💫

Anyway, you’ll hear more about all this stuff soon, as I’m going to start shouting more.

– Seeking more attention.

– Adding more value.

– Sharing my message far and wide…

– Educating people that there is more to life, and anybody out there is capable of taking it!

Regardless of the inner stories they tell themselves about it not being possible for ‘people like them’.

This tattoo on my arm?

It represents freedom at The Coaching Masters.

At The Coaching Masters we are committed to giving ordinary people, extraordinary tools, to create freedom for themselves and others!

… and that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

So, watch this space.

You didn’t think I had gone anywhere, did you?

Lewis is back.

Focus On You, Observe the Masses, and Do the Opposite!

Focus on you, observe the masses, and do the opposite!

I’m amazed at how many people are unsatisfied with their lives and are just putting up with it because everyone else is is putting up with it.

I should get a job.

I should get a good education.

I should get married.

I should play it safe.

I should settle.


Who says I ‘should’? I almost fell into the trap of listening to people telling me what I should do!

I almost allowed my life to be dictated by people who didn’t have the life I wanted.

The people that moan about their job, the weather, how much debt they’re in and how crappy their life is?

The people who sit in front of the TV and consume other people’s lives because they can’t bear to focus on their own.

The people who count down the months to their next holiday so they can escape from their own life.

Without getting too complicated, we are hard-wired to follow what others around us do.

Our beliefs are formed based on the experiences around us, and when others are doing things, we assume we ‘should’ do them too.

But a while ago, I realised I needed to stop making decisions based on the things I thought I ‘should’ be doing, and started making decisions based on what I ‘wanted’ to do.

The things that would bring me true fulfilment to my life.

Rather than listening to people who didn’t have the life I desired, I started listening to myself, and created the life I wanted instead.

It’s easy to get caught up in the same belief cycle, listening to the same people and get too far into life to realise you’ve actually lived someone else’s life.

Remember, most people are putting up with a life that doesn’t fulfil them.

Just listen to their moaning and complaining and realise that if you keep doing the same things they are, you’ll end up with the same outcome they have.

And if what they have, isn’t what you want – stop listening to them.

And if you want a different outcome to them?

Focus on you, observe the masses, and do the opposite.

I love you, I am safe, I am happy, and I can take care of myself.

I love you, I am safe, I am happy, and I can take care of myself.

Imagine if that was your response to a friend or family member trying to interfere with your life?

– Rather than trying to make them understand…

– Rather than allowing yourself to hear their sabotaging opinions as you get deeper and deeper into their persuasive argument…

– Rather than starting to doubt yourself as you start to put weight on the opinion of the people you care about the most…

You simply tell them to stop.

And do your thing.

Live out your dreams.

Make your own choices.

… and really live life your way.


Firstly, let’s get clarity on what I am actually talking about:

I’m talking about your loved ones being your biggest critics.

Any idea you have, anything you try and make work, any interest you start to explore…

It’s the people closest to you who are the ones that start to change your mind!

– Not your haters.
– Not your competitors.
– Not online trolls!

… but your Mum, Dad, Wife, Husband, best friend, even your sweet old Gran!

“Ah, you won’t stick at that”

“That’s a bit risky isn’t it?”

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

“You will never be able to do that”

“Why don’t you do X, Y & Z instead”.


Sound familiar?

Well, guess what…

It’s not just you!

This is very normal.

The people closest to you, want to keep you in a protective bubble and are our biggest critics, the people who smash our dreams, put doubt in our heads and passively, manipulate us, and persuade us to give up.

Let me explain why:

– They doubt themselves and are projecting their own insecurities and doubts on to you (Basically because they don’t think they can do it; they assume you can’t too)

– They feel sad seeing you hurt and disappointed, so selfishly stop you from taking risks, so they don’t risk feeling sad.

– They have a different internal representation of the world (different beliefs, opinions, preferences – especially older people, as they grew up in a completely different world to the one we are in now) – so they simply do not understand.

– They are in protection mode. The unknown has a misconception of danger. Most people think they’re protecting people when stopping them from doing new things (when actually they’re doing the exact opposite).


The reality is, your Mum, Dad and Gran – are not mindset coaches; they do not understand the above.

They just react, speak, and completely sabotage YOUR life.

They must stop, immediately (If you want to live out YOUR life and what is important to YOU).

Or you’ll end up with the exact life they have.

If you don’t want the exact life they have?

You have to be firm and stand your ground.

Like I mentioned, you don’t need to persuade them.

You don’t need to argue with them.

You just tell them.

In fact, I’ve even written a draft of what you could say:

(This simple paragraph could change your future)



Thank you for caring. I want you to know this means a lot to me. I can’t risk anything influencing me and stopping me from doing something that is important to me.

Can I ask you to keep your opinions to yourself, please?

I respect you and value you, but we are different people and your view is very different from mine. This is important to me, not you, which is why you don’t understand it.

I want you to know I’m happy, and regardless of the outcome, I’ll still be happy even attempting something that is important to me.

I love you, I am safe, I am happy, and I can take care of myself.


If you say that, you’ll step out of someone else’s protective bubble, and into your nest of freedom – like me in this picture haha!

PLEASE do what is important to YOU, not anybody else.

Stand your ground and tell people to stop influencing your mind.

Protect your thoughts.

… and protect your dreams.

They’re both worth protecting.

What Decision Could You Make Today To Move You Forward In Life?

Waiting to make the right decision is the only wrong decision you can make.

I know that just twisted your mind a bit, but bear with me…

When I was 25 years old, I punched a guy in a taxi queue, and I went to prison again for the third time.


Or was it?

I got support in prison, got funding for rehabilitation and changed my entire life to the point I now help thousands of people…

Between the ages of 18-21 years old I sold drugs.


Or was it?

I learned how to push through fear, about sales and marking, finances and how to deliver a product in a competitive and high-risk environment.

2.5 years ago, I dropped out of studying a business degree after just 3 months.


Or was it?

I will have built a 7 figure business by the time the rest of my class even finish their business degree.


Have you ever wanted to make the ‘right’ decision so bad that you thought about all your options 5,92983,880 times and then still didn’t know….so you didn’t do anything at all?

Let’s me save you hours, weeks and months of frustration.



Do you know why?

1: Because you can’t read the future.

What is ‘right’ today, may be ‘wrong’ tomorrow based on external influences outside of your control. Both good and bad things can happen that change the course of your life.

2: Because you’re values, interests and environment will change.

What is important to you, what you like and where you are will be – will be different and will again mean the decision could be flipped again from ‘right’ to ‘wrong’.

3: You’re only guessing until you actually do it.

Regardless of how much thought you’re putting into making the ‘right’ decision – you’re speculating, making assumptions and predicting what it will be like. The reality is, as soon as you experience it, your opinion may change.

4: From who’s perspective is it ‘right?’

Everyone has different beliefs and opinions (complete polar opposites in fact). So to one person your decision is wrong, and the another it’s right. Another reason why it’s impossible to make the ‘right’ decision.


One of the biggest problems people face is putting their energy into trying to achieve things that aren’t possible.

Sitting there trying to make the ‘right’ decision for example causes people to:

– Overthink themselves into oblivion.
– Constantly feel frustrated with themselves.
– Feel deflated due to not obtaining the thing they’re seeking.

The reality is…

They and trying to achieve the impossible.

And guess what?

There is no right or wrong decisions, only decisions.

Let me say that again, because it’s a game changer:

[There is no right or wrong decisions, only decisions].

I’m not suggesting you don’t put some thought into trying to make choices that will move you closer to the things you want from life…

But never try and reach certainly with a decision, as it’s simply an illusion.

One thing to realise is whatever decision you make, most of the results and outcome are out of your hands.

When you learn to surrender and make decisions quickly – you’ll find yourself making some good decisions, and some not so good…

But regardless, every decision you make ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ will be moving your forward through life.

Learning, tweaking, using it as insight, lessons and information to move you closer and closer to the life you want.

In order to work out what you want, you also need to learn what you don’t want – and self-perceived ‘wrong’ decisions do that really well.

But sitting on the fence whilst you try and make the ‘right’ decision, will end up being the only wrong decision you ever really make – and you’ll stay stuck, and be left feeling frustrated and deflated – with no new information to know what move to make next.

So, to sum up:

If you find yourself in this state of indecision, realise it’s impossible to truly know the ‘right’ decision, and know that regardless of what decision you take, all decisions move you forward in some way.

And accepting that, is really the only right decision you can make for yourself.

What decision could you make today to move you forward in life?

Who said changing the world wasn’t fun?

Who said changing the world wasn’t fun?

These humans?

– Remove internal barriers
– Shift perspective
– Belive In people
– Empower others
– Faciliate change
– Enforce growth

BUT, they also…

– Laugh.
– Smile.
– Play.
– Joke

Accredited Coaches ✅
NLP Master Trainers ✅
Msc In Coaching ✅
Bsc In Psychology ✅

…Are just a few of the badges of honour that make them out and out experts!

But besides all that…

These guys are rockstars!

Because they are The Coaching Masters Trainers!

They train alongside us in our community and are with us every step of the way on our mission to give ordinary people, extraordinary tools, to create freedom for themselves and others 🌎

Big shout out to all the team behind the scenes who aren’t here in this picture! The Coaching Masters would not be the machine it is without you.


Thank you to each and everyone one of you for being a truly valued part of the family.

We couldn’t change lives without you.

Let’s change the fucking world, Team!

#TheCoachingMasters #CoachYourWayToFreedom