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I guess it’s time to evolve.

I guess it’s time to evolve.

Does this feel uncomfortable?

Damn right it does.

Does it feel good?

Damn right it does!

I’ve been contemplating treating myself like this for a while.

But, there’s a lot of beliefs from my past telling me that it’s selfish, greedy and showing off.

On the other hand, what people don’t see is when I was cycling to the laundrette at 25 years old to get my clothes washed with my benefit money.

And living in a clean and dry house after being released from rehab.

Then working 14 hour days, going to college, drug and alcohol meetings, and building a business from scratch with zero money.

A few years later, I see myself as someone who is here to inspire people and show them what is possible.

To do that, I need to constantly evolve into a better person inside and out.

And if that means enjoying the fruits of my labour in the process?

Well, I think I’ve deserved it.

Oh, and another thing: you do too.

Not a care in the world!

Not a care in the world!

But has it always been this way?


In fact, I used to battle with myself day in, day out.

The fear of failure, thinking I wasn’t good enough, and feeling like I was somehow different to everyone else made me feel hopeless.

The only option for someone like me?

Drink alcohol, take drugs, and be as reckless as possible.

Because surly that would be the only thing that would make me feel like I was actually living, and drown out the thoughts and feelings that screamed at me that I could be doing more.

A while ago, it hit me why I wasn’t allowing myself to do more with my life.

I simply didn’t care about myself enough to make it happen.

I mean, would you do something for someone you didn’t care about?

Or course you wouldn’t.

So why would you build yourself a decent life, if you didn’t care about yourself?

Doesn’t make sense right.

It wasn’t that I was different from everyone else, I just simply wasn’t allowing myself to make things happen.

Eventually (and luckily) I started to work on those thoughts and feeling, and decided I needed to start taking care of myself.

I started to pin-point where these thoughts and feelings came from, and started to take my mind in a new direction.

I explored opportunities, and started to take action.

From taking action, I started to see results.

These results filled me with excitement knowing I was on the right track, and I started to create belief in myself, which then caused me to want to take MORE action!

Fast forward a few years, and my life is unrecognisable.

But, so is the inner battle.

When I look at the things I’ve achieved, I’ve got no choice but to accept my progress.

And those negative thoughts and feelings not long hold space in my mind.

So, yeah, now, as I lay here working from my laptop in Bali, I’ve not got a care in the world!

And ironically, that care-free mentality came from caring about myself enough to remove the mental obstacles in my way that were stopping me from taking action to start building a life that I wanted all along.

Do you care about yourself enough to become care free?


Arrogant, stuck up, and a complete show off!

Arrogant, stuck up, and a complete show off!!!

That’s what I thought of Georgina Graham, when I first met her.

{This post is only for people who have a deep understanding of mindset}

Sorry if this fucks your head up; but if you’re ready for it, read on:

I found myself attracted to her, but at the same time, finding myself really triggered with the things she was doing/saying.

Then, my mind caught it…

“Lewis, you’re triggered; ask yourself why…”

“Why does this annoy you?”.

Because you see, when you’re triggered, it’s because it’s hurting something inside you.

It’s a great indication there is something locked away you could do with taking a closer look at.

So, I looked at the things I was finding annoying in Georgina, and then it hit me.

I wasn’t annoyed, I was sad.

You see, anger, and frustration are so much easier for the brain to accept than sadness.

You have to actually own your sadness, and admit it’s your fault.

Yet, anger is much easier, as you can just push the blame on to someone else.

So it was much easier to get annoyed at Georgina, than it was to admit to myself that her behaviour saddened me.

Why was her behaviour saddening me?

For two reasons:

1: I knew exactly why she behaves like that; and it’s sad (I’ll explain in a minute).

2: I know that her behaviour was a direct reflection of mine, and in coaching lingo, I was simply ‘projecting’ my shit on to her.


She reminded me of myself.

But a part of myself I didn’t want to me reminded about…

You see, deep down, I feel like I have to prove something, show-off and portray this confident chap, in order to over compensate for the feelings I have of low self-worth.

From years of being belittled, told I was bad, stupid, and a failure – I’m constantly battling to just feel enough.

I feel I have to show people, and tell people I am enough, just so maybe, just maybe, somehow it will reach back to me.

These feelings are so deep in my subconscious, I barely notice they are there…

Our brains our clever, and they want to keep us unaware, ignorant, and avoid any form of discomfort.

But sometimes the exact behaviour you’re choosing to dismiss gets put straight in front of your face in someone else…

…and you have no choice but to recognise it.

I recognised it in Georgina.

Without realising this process of self-discovery was going on, subconsciously, I found myself drawn to Georgina and started to dig into her past in an attempt to fix her.

But, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that in fact, the person I really wanted to help was myself.

Anyway, consciously, I had decided I would help Georgina and in doing so, I learned a lot about her…

Although, none of it was a surprise.

As I said earlier, the first reason why I was sad when I saw Georgina’s behaviour was because I knew why.

…and I knew why because we felt the same.

She didn’t feel enough either.

Yes, she has 10/10 confidence, a sassy businesses persona, and achievements and talents coming from every angle…

But why?

Because she is simply trying to fill a void, just like I am.




“Am I enough now?”


Over the last month I’ve got to know Georgina well.

We’ve done a photoshoot together, spoke at a business retreat together, and spent some time getting to know each other.

Every now and again, my guard slips, and so does hers…

And that little vulnerable child inside us pops their head out and admits they just want to be loved, and feel enough.

Deep shit, right?


So, I want to thank you Georgina.

You’ve bought things in to my awareness and shown me more work I can do on myself.

And I also want you to know that regardless of the success, social proof, money, compliments, or wins – you are enough now, and always have been, regardless.


I guess I am too.

So, for anyone that’s got his far:

If you notice yourself being triggered by someone:

– Take a good hard look at yourself and ask yourself why.

– If it’s something you recognise in yourself, accept responsibility for it and pledge to work on it.

– Realise that the person who’s displaying certain behaviours may have things going on for them.

– Talk to them, get to know them, share your story with them, let them realise they’re not alone.

– Tell them they’re enough; because we all are.

So, yeah, when I first met Georgina, I thought she was: arrogant, stuck up, and a complete show off.

When actually, she was just another human trying to work through life and feel good about herself…

And below the surface?

She wasn’t any of those negative things!


She is a kind, loving, caring, quite soft and vulnerable human being.

And, I guess, for me too, below the surface?

I’m maybe a kind, loving, caring, quite soft and vulnerable human being too.

P.s, for anyone reading this…

Guess what?

You’re enough too.




Hmm… smells like fear to me!

I have 4 simple questions you can ask yourself to work out why you’re not taking as much action as you’d like!

1. What are you currently procrastinating on?

2. What bullshit story are you telling yourself about why you aren’t taking action?

A few examples:

– I’m a perfectionist so I take my time?
– I can’t be bothered?
– This is too hard?
– I’ll never be able to do it anyway?
– I don’t have time?
– I’m not ready?

3. Ignore the crap you told yourself on question two and ask yourself: what is the truth behind that story. What is it about taking action that scares you?

A few examples:

– Afraid to fail?
– Afraid to succeed?
– Afraid to be rejected
– Afraid to be humiliated?

Whatever you get at the end of this process is the fear you need to tackle in order to start taking action!

Now the most important question….

4. How could you tackle that fear?!

A few examples:

– Embrace failure as learning?
– Experience success to see if you like it?
– Accept that rejection is okay – because we aren’t all aligned in the same way?
– Deliberately humiliate yourself so you’ve made a choice to put yourself in that situation?

It might seem scary, but if achieving the thing you want to take action on, is more important than a bit of discomfort…

Then feel the fear and do it anyway

See underneath those bullshit stories, dig deeper, create awareness, and give yourself choice.

Choose to tackle the problem, not procrastinate and avoid it.

Taking action feels great.

You deserve that feeling.

So one last question…

Will you tackle fear today, or are you going to continue to ‘procrastinate’?

I’m Taking A Few Steps Backward…

In 2016, I opened my eyes and realised I had woken up in supported-housing for drug addicts and alcoholics.

I had just came out of rehab after spending 6 months in therapy, and now I had to go into the Big Brother of the substance misuse community.

It really felt like I was moving backwards! 

It wasn’t easy to keep myself in these kind of environments in my early twenties, I can assure you!

By this time, I had already spent a year in prison and then the 6 months in rehab, so the last thing I wanted was to feel like I was still locked up.

But deep down, I knew I still had work to do, and if I started to run before I could walk, I could ruin it all.

So, I stayed in the small room in Portsmouth, living with some very challenging people!

3 months later, I saved up enough money for a deposit for a flat, and got some housing support from the council to pay the rent.

I moved into my small one bedroom flat for £500 a month where there were heroin-addicts in the hallway, and I barely had enough to pay the electric.

Still a very undesirable place to be, but I stuck it out, and continued to work on my recovery.

– I went to drug and alcohol meetings every single day.

– I read book after book on personal development.

– I started a college course in business.

– I started to research online about how I could help others.

After being clean and sober for a while, passing my college course, and starting to help people through my experiences….

People started to pay me for it, and I realised I had a business!

By this point, my recovery was strong, my brain was sharp, and I was ready to truly move forward.

Fast forward 2 years and I’m laying in an apartment in central London worth over a million pound, and I feel truly grateful I put myself in those environments.

You see, sometimes, it feels like you’re moving backwards…

When actually?

You’re just taking the time to build a solid foundation, so you can steam forward faster than ever before.

So if there is that step you want to take?

And it feels hard…

Don’t be afraid to take a few steps backwards, if you know it will allow you to take 10 steps forward after!

When I opened my eyes in 2016 in that supported-housing for drug-addicts and alcohols – yes, it felt like a nightmare….

But when I open my eyes to the view of the city every morning, I know that that nightmare was absolutely necessary so I would have the privilege of experiencing the dream I am living right now.

“Nobody ever said it would be easy; but, what they did say, was it would be worth it.” #Gratitude

I Wasn’t As Clever As Them

I used to look at successful people and think I was different from them.

I wasn’t as clever as them.

…motivated as them.

…talented as them.

They had a great life, money, and freedom to do what they wanted…

But that was for people like them.

Not people like me.

I was different.

I thought that even if I tried really hard, it still probably wouldn’t be enough…

Because I wasn’t enough.

So it made sense to not even bother in the first place.

But then I realised something that changed everything…

I was simply telling myself a story.

A lovely little story to keep me from pushing myself.

It was much easier to tell myself I was different, than it was to admit I had what it took to be successful.

Admitting I had what it took to be successful meant:

I had to make changes…

I had to challenge myself…

…and I had to work on myself and my future ever single.

And that seemed scary.

But I realised I needed to just try, and find out, once and for all.

…and see if I was ‘different’.

I decided to re-write that story, and tell myself that I could be successful.

I told myself I had no excuses, and if ‘they’ had it; then so could I.

Have you ever felt like this?

Different from others?

Telling yourself a story that you’re not good enough?

Somehow incapable of the same levels of success others have?

Well, let me tell you something…

I used to think I was different.

and I WAS!

I’m very different, but not in the way I thought.

Actually, I had talents, skills and abilities I never knew I had.

After admitting I had what it takes, stopping telling myself stories, and really starting to challenge myself?

I started to catch up with the ‘successful ones’ and even overtake some too.

So, if you think you’re different?

Maybe you are!

But for all the right reasons.

Believe me when I say this…

Those successful people you look at?

You don’t have what it takes to become like them.

You have what it takes to become someone a million times better.


I’ve Got My Shit Together These Days

A lot of people think I’ve got my shit together these days…

But the truth is, I still struggle with the way I feel about myself almost on a daily basis.

The problem is, I’ve spent so many years thinking I was bad, it’s hard to shift and accept that I am a good person with a lot of offer other people.

And then I find myself;

– Pushing people away that want to be my friend.

– Dismissing people who congratulate and compliment me.

– Not allowing myself to connect with people that don’t offer something tangible to my life.

I find myself thinking:

– I am actually still a bad egg, and don’t deserve: friends, connection, and to be appreciated.

– I would be such a bad friend so there is no point even trying to make them.

– I think nobody would really care about me anyway.

The result?

Yeah, I have excitement from seeing my life develop…

But also a feeling on loneliness, and a disappointing underlying desire for connection and love.

I can’t believe I can publically say things like this nowadays ??

But every breakthrough I’ve ever had has been from owning my thinking and taking responsibility for the change I want to see.

Every now and again, I’ll feel connected to someone, and the love I’ve got to offer slips through and I get a reminder that I am a good guy who has so much to offer.

Whether this is from having unsupportive friends in the past, the bad relationship I had with my Dad or the bad things I’ve done in my life, I don’t know…

But I do know it’s kind of hard to shake!

For anyone else struggling with the way you feel about yourself, don’t worry I’m the same too; and I do this kind of stuff for a living!

We are all a work in progress and NOBODY completely has their shit together – believe me.

If I’ve ever pushed you away, ignored your compliment, or seemed distant – it’s because I’m still on a journey like everyone else.

So although, I’ve managed to get my shit together in a few areas of my life – that doesn’t mean I’m finished…

I’m still learning, exploring and developing on a daily basis.

But as long as I keep talking about it, and pushing myself, I know I’ll eventually shake this old thinking away for good.

Thanks for reading.

From Lewis ~ a good guy? ?

Grow Up!

Grow up Lewis!

Someone said that to me this morning.



Intrigued by their comment?

Very much so.

Who tells you that you should grow up?

Suppressed people!

Secretly, most people reminisce about their childhood years.

– Playing
– Smiling
– Laughing
– Learning
– Experimenting

A time where there were no worries, responsibilities, or pressure to be, do or have anything.

Just living life…


Expressing themselves exactly how they wanted to.

Promising themselves that they’d never grow up and become one of the stiff, up-tight people who seemed miserable all the time.

Life was easy at this point of their life…

It was before the years of pain…

Before the rejection, humiliation and embarrassment that caused them to suppress their true self.

You see, we all want to be accepted by others.

To be accepted means we feel enough.

To feel enough means we must be loved.

… and we ALL want love. (Whether you admit it or not)

But here’s the thing…

Do you want to be accepted by many as someone you’re not?

Or would you prefer to be accepted by a few that know the real you?

The truth is…

I hope I never grow up.

I’m sensible sometimes, but often childish and silly.

I can add value to people’s lives sometimes, but also mess around and waste their time.

Now, whilst maturity is a sign of development, this certainly doesn’t mean we have to ‘grow up’ from a self-expression point of view.

…and in that case, I suggest more people grown down!

Remember the child that used to promise themselves they’d always be that happy care-free person.

And as Oscar Wilde says:

“Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken”

I’m Not The Person You Think I Am

I’m not the person you think I am…

You may think I work hard, value money, seek success, fame, and look like a tart posing on Instagram most of the time?

You’d be correct ?

However, there is more than meets the eye…

One of my highest values is freedom.

Whether that’s because of the cliche story I could tell you about being locked up in prison for a couple years of my life…

Or it’s just because I love adventure, uncertainty and new experiences…

I’m not sure.

All I know is whilst you may think I want to be hustling and grinding forever…

That’s not quite the case.

I love my work.

I love the hustle.

I love everything about it really.

But what I really want?

Is to be free.

Mentally: being able to think however I want, without self-doubt, self-sabotaging thoughts, limiting beliefs or any lack of confidence and drive that would stop me living the life I want to create.

Financially: being able to buy whatever I want, for whoever I want, and use the money as a resource to make big changes to things that will leave an impact on the world.

Physically: I want to use the freedom I’ve created both mentally and financially to travel the world. With no ties or obligations to anything, other than myself (and maybe a female??) so I can experience things that bring perspective to life, and smile everyday knowing I am truly living life to the fullest.

That’s the person I really am.

But everyone needs a vehicle right?

A way of getting from A to B?

So next time you see me working long hours, making regular posts, uploading photos, and putting out the occasional offer…

You’ll understand my plan.


For me, that’s the ultimate goal.

You coming? ?

Right In Front Of Your Eyes

Imagine seeing it right in front of your eyes! ?

You know that thing deep down you know you’re good at?

Or that change you know you can make?

Or the people you know you can help?

But the inner dialog you hear in your head is so loud it won’t allow you to admit it…

Let alone take the acrion to make it happen.

You wish one person would just believe in you first, so you can start to believe in yourself…

Well, guess what?

Whatever that thing is…

I believe in you.

I don’t care if you’re talented or a complete beginner…

I believe in you.

Hear those words.

Loud in your head.

Think about ‘that thing’ you’d love to allow yourself to do:

– A new career
– An adventure
– A hobby you used to love when you were younger
– A business you know you’d love
– A charity that would change everything

Hear it one more time.


As cheesy as that may sound…

Its true…

Because I believe in human potential.

…and I have seen people do things that they never thought possible!

(I’m one of them)

Hear it one more time…

I believe in you.

Now think about that ‘thing’ you want to do one more time.

And tell yourself you’re ready to believe in yourself.

Because that?

Will be what will allow you to stop ‘thinking’ and start ‘doing’.

Then, you’ll have no choice to believe in yourself.

Because you won’t need to think about that buried ambition/dream/desire, deep down inside you…

Because you’ll see it for yourself…

Right in front of your eyes ?