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Another Wrong Made Right

It’s not always easy to ‘right’ a lifetime of ‘wrongs’.

For lasting change to occur, changing one thing sometimes isn’t enough.

Change sometimes requires a more aggressive attack from more than one angle.

And that takes some work.

For me?

Some changes were instant, such as getting out of prison and moving away from all of my friends and family.

Some changes were invisible, such as the way I felt about myself, and my whole attitude and mindset towards the world.

Some were obvious, such as the clothes I wore, the language I used, and the expressions on my face.

However, some changes were stubborn!

When I started my journey developing myself, I wasn’t even allowed a bank card!

But I kept moving forward.

From not even being allowed a bank card, with a black listed credit rating, to savings, a solid credit rating and a sexy gold American Express. I don’t even use it, but it feels good to have one.

Starting on benefits was hard too!

But I watched myself bounce from benefits, to employment, to full-time entrepreneurship…

And today?

Another win I’d like to share with you.

I lost my licence over 3 years ago.

My drinking was so bad I was having seizures.

I would literally wake up in hospital after convulsing for an hour and not remember anything from the past 2 weeks usually.

As a result, my licence was revoked.

Speaking of the ‘stubborn changes’ – this one was tough!

I’ve had to jump through a lot of hoops, do a lot of tests and pass all of the DVLA requirements, but today, another little win.

Another ‘wrong’ made ‘right’.

And another step closer to where I want to be.

Keep jumping through those hoops guys.

The feeling of winning is unreal.

It makes all the historic ‘loses’ feel somewhat irrelevant.


P.S – please ignore my picture here!

P.P.S – Mercedes CL200, I’m getting closer to you!



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