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A little productivity win

A little productivity win I wanted to share with you guys.

Read to the end and tell me if you agree?

Towards the end of last year I noticed a dip in my energy levels.

To sort it out, first thing I tried was to get more sleep – averaging 8-9 hours a night. But actually, although counter-intuitive, I felt like I had LESS energy!

Then, I tried to cut out coffee. I thought maybe I had become immune to caffeine.

That didn’t go very well. I had headaches from the caffeine withdrawal, was again even more tired, and plus, to be honest, I love coffee.

I then realised, that due to drinking too much coffee I wasn’t drinking enough water.

I had also found my gym routine had become less consistent than I would have liked.

So, I decided to tackle all these observations at once.


* I cut DOWN on sleep (7 hours a night).
* A started to go to the gym every morning at 6:30am.
* I continued to drink coffee, but whilst ensuring I drink loads of extra water in between.


* I had a short lay in to catch up on any missing sleep and re-charge those batteries.
* Rested from the gym.
* Continue drinking loads of water (as well as coffee, obviously!)

Now, there are a million and one other things you can do, and everyone is different – but I shit you not – since starting this I am bursting with energy right from the morning, all the way until I go to sleep.

Literally, my eyes are popping out my head.

Plus, I have a longer day!


The key for me, in summary:

– Not oversleeping.
– More water.
– Morning exercise.

Funny thing is, I knew all of this, but here is the tricky bit.

I forget, I deny, I ignore…

It’s easily done.

* How amazing does sleep seem?
* How unimportant does drinking water seem?
* How much effort does morning exercise seem?

It’s important to remember, they may ‘seem’ like this.

But, here is the reality:

* You sleep for a 3rd of your life anyway, you don’t want to waste any more.
* Your brain is 70% percent water, it’s important to fuel it.
* Your body is the only place you have to live, and I’m sure you know you should take care of it.

This is really basic stuff, but worked really well for me anyway, so I thought I’d share and maybe prevent one person from doing the whole: forget, deny and ignore, thing.

Energy is pretty important, right?

It could be the difference between doing what you want with your life and sticking the TV on.

Worth a go anyway…

Anybody agree or disagree?



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