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The Entrepreneurs Treasure Chest!

Over 160 hours of Business & Mindset Training! Everything you need to develop YOURSELF and grow your BUSINESS!

Value: £1,588

Today: £79!

If you’re in business or anyone who needs a kick up the bum, lewis training is life-changing. From 3 months of being in this community I have: Gained clarity of what I want in life and business; Been supported through a tough break up; Soaked up lots of business info around branding, storytelling and sales for women; Found my confidence; Overcome obstacles that have held me back from achieving my goals; Started running again after 10 years; Learnt about orgasmic energy! I could actually go on and on and on because Lewis is awesome and being in this community has and will continue to change lives. Come join us if you’re ready for change.

Jess Rose, Photographer & Aspiring Coach

  • 7 x Mindset Training Videos From Lewis
  • 8 x Business Training videos From Lewis
  • 25 x Guest Expert Training
  • 16 x Motivational Talks
  • Private community Access
  • Lifetime access

Everything you get when you join today

Here’s what you’ll get instant access to:

  • Video 1: Change ~ How to create lasting change.
  • Video 2: Motive ~ How to work out what you want and why you want it.
  • Video 3: Move ~ How to develop and get out of your comfort zone.
  • Video 4: Obstacles ~ How to remove hidden physical and mental obstacles, like fear & self-doubt.
  • Video 5: Belief ~ How to create belief, confidence, affirm & visualise your success.
  • Video 6: Action ~ How to overcome procrastination and perfectionism, and start taking imperfect action.
  • Video 7: Push ~ How to stay disciplined and keep consistently pushing forward.
  • Video 1: How To Show Up Online For Your Personal Brand
    How to develop a personal brand.
  • Video 2: How To Build Connection With Prospects Through Social Media
    How to gain customers on social media.
  • Video 3: How To Build Unshakeable Confidence So You Can Win More Business
  • Video 4: The Difference Between Facebook Profile, Pages, Groups, Chats & Messenger Bots!
  • Video 5: How to double your prices, whilst actually gaining new clients
  • Video 6 How to write engaging posts on social media
  • Video 7: How To Have sales calls online That Sell
  • Video 8: How to double your prices, whilst actually gaining new clients
  • How To Be Truly Present with Sarah Phipp
  • How To Use Facebook Groups To Grow Your Tribe with Samantha Harradine
  • How To Turn Your Instagram Account Into A Lead Generating Machine with Leon Benjamin
  • How To Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine with Denis Brzozowski
  • How To Use Sales Funnels To Attract More Clients Into Your Business with Lewis Raymond Taylor
  • How To Practice Self-Love with Angela Ramel
  • How To Tell Your Story Through Photography with Giles Babbidge
  • LinkedIn Training with Helen Pritchard
  • How To Land A TedX Gig to Accelerate Your Business with Helen Packham
  • How To Improve Body Confidence And Stop Dieting with Helen James
  • Female Sales Training With Sarah Jolley-Jarvis
  • Authentic Personal Branding Training With Virag Gulyas
  • Setting A Goal And Constructing Its Success With Richard Winterbourne
  • How To Balance Feminine And Masculine Energies In Your Daily Routine With Shari Thompson
  • Orgasmic Energy with Angela Ramel
  • How to Use Storytelling to become a stand out leader in your niche with Helen Packham, Leadership Coach.
  • How to change your habits to change your life with Richard Winterbourne, Psychologist.
  • How to Access Orgasmic Energy with Angela Ramel, Holistic Empowerment Coach.
  • How to use meditation to create more clarity and focus in your business with Neil Jordan, Meditation Coach.
  • How to create an authentic personal brand with Virag Gulyas, Branding Coach.
  • How to Sell online as a female with Sarah Jolley-Jarvis, Sales Trainer.
  • Apps & Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use with Denis Brzozowski, Serial Entrepreneur.
  • Matt Burbridge, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach
  • How to motivate yourself and create belief with Kelvin Uchemefune, Motivational Coach
  • How To Create Your Own Online Course In 30 Days with Claire Dowdal, Marketing Expert

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Hundreds of motivated and educated entrepreneurs have been made through this training….

Here’s what a few of them have to say:

Lewis has built an amazing community. His program is amazing. It helps me to step out of my comfort zone and push my professional and personal development forward. I met very supportive and inspirational people. I don’t think I’d ever leave the community now!

Astrid Brossier, Language Tutor

If you are an entrepreneur or businesses owner or just looking to change your life you probably want to check this training out! Seriously, it has been life changing for me!

Amanda King

How much value will you receive?

7 Mindset Trainig Videos From Lewis – £397

8 Business Training videos From Lewis – £397

25 x Guest Expert Training on all things entrepreneurship – £497

16 x Motivational Talks – £297

Private community Access – Priceless

Lifetime access – Priceless

Total Value £1,588

Now, this may seem like a hefty investment…

Yet, if all this program did was help you build a successful 6-figures a year business… would it be worth it?

If all you got from it was the ability to push through any business obstacle and be filled with motivation every day… would it be worth it?

If this program empowers you to finally make the dream lifestyle you desire a reality… would it be worth this price?

I’m guessing it would.

Luckily… you won’t pay £1,588… you won’t even pay half…

In fact, you won’t even pay 10% of that!

You can get full access to everything right now for a one-off payment of just £79 or 2 payments of £49.

Look, I could sell the access to this training at £500, or even £1,000 quite easily. and it would still be a bargain… however, I’m not doing this for the money.

I want to help entrepreneurs like you get free from the anxiety, the overwhelm, and the fear.

And I want to replace it with hunger, vision, and drive.. and have a clear strategy, with all the tools you need to go with it, to ensure you build the online business you deserve.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Yes! Guaranteed results!

I know from personal experience what works.

These insider secrets changed my life.

I’m so confident…

Up to 30 days after buying this training, if you’re not entirely satisfied…

Then you can have 100% of your money back!

The Alternative

You go back to what you’re doing and continue feeling:

and unfulfilled.

You spend the small investment you could have made in yourself, on food, a round of drinks, or another couple of books you never take action on.

If you’re still wondering if it’s the right time to change your life?

Then it probably is.

If you’re still wondering if you’re the ‘right person’ for online coaching?

Then why not find out?

Don’t allow yourself to fall back into the same trap you’ve done previously…

Try and see past the stories you may be saying to yourself about how “it won’t work” or “you’ll do it one day”.

You’ll never know until you try, and ‘one day’ may never come!

When you want something you’ve never had?

You must be willing to do something you’ve never done!

Let me start by giving you one free powerful coaching question which could change your life forever…

What could your life of business look like when you start taking action right now?

Go with your gut, and try something NEW!

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