January 2020 – Lewis Raymond Taylor

Live Fully. Because That’s All That Really Matters.

You don’t matter!

I don’t matter.

None of it really does.

In fact, everyone on the planet will be dead in 130 years.

And then within a short time, we’ll be forgotten.

And in more time after that, this entire civilisation will be forgotten.

And you care about what she thinks of you?

He thinks of you?

What ‘they’ might say?

What the fuck is judgment in 130 years when the whole planet is dead?





Because like I said.


You don’t matter.

I don’t matter.

Nothing really matters.

So enjoy the ride whilst it lasts, and do everything you want because even if shit hits the fan, who cares?

It will be forgotten.

Along with everything else.

So live fully.

Because that’s all that really matters.

What Will the Person You Become Be Doing in A Few Years Time?

From downing vodka to water purification ceremonies.

From the age of 13, I was experimenting with drugs, smoking, and by 17, drinking was a huge part of my life.

The years to follow that would result in daily alcohol and drug abuse 3-4 nights in a row without eating, or sleeping or drinking water.

Life has been a journey, to say the least…

I used to think that you couldn’t change a person.

We listen to stupid sayings like “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and “a leopard never changes its spots” and think that we have no hope.


I have been clean from drugs and alcohol for years, and instead, I’m travelling the world doing things like this!

Dayana Carmona and I went to a water purification ceremony and experienced some local culture, where you bath and cleanse your soul through the Hindu god of knowledge.

I got a much better high than vodka, that’s for sure.

Anyway, if you too believe you can’t change…

Trust me, I never would have even contemplated doing a water purification ceremony a few years ago.

Yet the person I am today did it, and loved it!

What will the person you become be doing in a few years time?

You’re Alive Temporarily. Let That Sink In.

You’re alive temporarily.

Let that sink in.

The world has existed before you were here and will continue on after you leave.

Eventually, all of us, even the greats, will be forgotten about.

We’re here for a microscopic amount of time.

But yet I feel some people forget that.

Watching TV all evening.

Working long hours in jobs they don’t like.
Staying in toxic relationships.

All whilst the.

Ignoring their dreams.

Neglecting their friends.

Not taking risks to find new love.

Not allowing themselves to go on an adventure.

Just sat there, existing, not living, hoping that something will change.

Sat in a deep sense of ignorance that they’ll be here forever.

But the truth?

Time is running out.

You know when your 7 day holiday goes by in a flash?

And you get back to work and wish you were back on the beach?

But you look forward to your next year’s holiday?

Well, you can’t do that with your life.

Once it’s over, it’s over.

No going back.

No second runs.

So live life like you’re on holiday.

Every day.

Turn the TV off.

Do those things you really want to do.

Be spontaneous.

Fall in love again with life, yourself, someone else (OR ALL THREE). And sit back at the end of your life, nodding to yourself, with a proud smile of your face.

Because you know that your microscopic amount of time on this earth.

Was spent wisely.