January 2019 – Lewis Raymond Taylor

I pick my kind of people!

I pick my kind of people!

“Why are you so picky with the people you let into your life, Lewis?”

…a few people have asked me recently.

So, to answer the question:

I’ve got a confession to make…

I don’t let many people in.

– Friends…
– Girlfriends…
– Business colleges…

Ive been hurt before by people close to me, and this causes me to be hyper vigilant around the people I let get close to me.

That may seem protective…

YES! You’re damn right.

I am worth protecting.

My mind, my emotions, my feelings?

Are precious.

…and it’s okay to value yourself enough to decide who you let in.

Once you realise how much you’re worth, and how much you have to offer someone…

You are very selective of:

– Who you allow yourself to be influenced by.

– Who you spend your valuable time with.

If you feel yourself not aligned with somebody, they don’t give you the right vibe, or they make you feel bad about yourself more than they make you feel good…

It’s okay to respect yourself enough to say, “Nope. Sorry. No space for you here”.

It might be that they aren’t doing anything wrong most of the time, so it’s hard to detect – and they even have some great qualities.

But, humans are easily influenced.

We can absorb: looks, vibes, words and everything in between, very easily…

It’s doesn’t take much for someone to really affect your state of mind, and wellbeing.

This will impact your actions.

Which will impact your life!

The reality is, no matter how many positive things someone brings to the table:

– If you feel they don’t appreciate you.
– Don’t have the same values as you.
– Treat you in a way you’re unhappy with.
– Make you feel negative in ANY WAY.

Get them out, sooner rather than later…

As hard as it might be…


Because your future self will thank you for it.

There are a lovely selection of people amongst the 7 billion people that won’t treat you like that.

And as nice as these people might be sometimes…

Maybe, to you, they just aren’t YOUR kind of people.

And you deserve to be around only YOUR kind of people.

And If that’s picky…

Then I guess I’m picky.

I pick my kind of people ??

I DON’T wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

I DON’T wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

For most, Christmas and New Year is arguably the happiest time of the year.

Now, I’m sorry to break the fairytale – but it’s not necessarily anything magical…

You’re simply doing a cluster of things together that make you happy.

But we assume that it’s a time of the year that is the source of happiness, rather that the actual route of ‘why’ it makes us happy.

So, why are YOU happy this time of year?

Now this will be different for everyone.


If you take the take to work out what things are specifically making you happy, you can carry these things forwards and use them to make you happy every day, not just once a year.

?Is it the time off from work?

…maybe you could find a job you enjoy going to.

?Is it spending time with the people you love?

…maybe you could spend more time with people that you love.

?Is it the positive vibes from people spreading Christmas cheer?

…maybe you could surround yourself with people who give off these vibes all year round.

?Is it the happiness from your loved one from opening their presents?

…maybe you could show them acts of kindness and how much you love them all the time.

Because Christmas and New Year is great, but so many people live their entire life for these moments.

Working all year around for a one week holiday in the summer for example – when they could be building a life they don’t need to escape from.

Or this example, waiting until Christmas to do the things with their family they could be doing all year round.

The other problem is ‘wishing’ – I don’t want to wish you anything. “I wish you a merry Christmas”


Wishing, is simply nice vibes and good intentions.

But intentions don’t necessarily achieve results.

Action is what will change things and allow you to create more happiness in your life.

So from me to you:

Enjoy Christmas…

Enjoy New Year…

… but make sure you enjoy the rest of your year too.

I challenge you to search for the things that make you happy, do more of those things, and chose daily happiness…

Not yearly.

I don’t ‘wish’ you a ‘merry Christmas’ and ‘happy New Year’.

I employ you to create yourself a merry and happy life.

Merry life guys! ?

Lewis x

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I’m swapping fame, for creating IMPACT!

I’m swapping fame, for creating IMPACT!

I thought I wanted to be famous….

But actually I just wanted to be loved.


I kind of knew this, but I chose to ignore it and go after it anyway.

But actually?

I don’t want to be famous for the sake of being famous.

I want to be famous for something.

For creating an impact.

For being of value to people.

For being great at something.

Now, I’ve got a talent…

Business and mindset.

I mean, jumping out of prison and changing my life, building businesses from scratch and helping others, probably demonstrates more talent than a pretty face or 2 mins of fame on a TV show.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t like the visibility on TV…

But seeking it, is distracting me from my purpose.

I believe I can see things, some find it hard to see.

I believe I understand things, some find it hard to understand.

And I TRULY believe that I can help people, when some feel helpless.

So, I’ve made a decision.

I will no longer seek fame from modelling or reality tv.

I’ll start serving people EVEN MORE.

I’ll start sharing my story EVEN MORE.

I’ll start adding value EVEN MORE.

And I’ll be EVEN MORE:




… and if that leads me to fame.

So be it.

But I now understand that I don’t need fame to feel significant and loved.

I can love myself, feel the love from others and take great pride in maybe helping others love themselves and their life too.

Bare with me guys, I’m doing a lot of learning recently!

…and although I help people on their journey…

It doesn’t mean I am not on my own journey too!

I will KEEP pushing forward harder than ever.

I’ve got a mark to leave!

Time to swap fame for creating impact in 2019!

Watch this space ?