October 30, 2018 – Page 3 – Lewis Raymond Taylor

Making Things Happen

What are you waiting for!

Passionate people irritate me, here’s why…

I speak to so many people that know exactly what they want to do with their life, and it’s so frustrating!

I see the light spark up in their eyes when they tell me what they really want to do with their life.

The thing that they actually want to spend their time doing.

The thing that would make everything more enjoyable.

The thing that wouldn’t feel like a chore, day in, day out.

They actually know exactly what it is they want, yet, the frustrating thing?

They don’t bloody do it?

I’m not judging; I’ve been there. It’s so easy to find reasons to justify why we are not achieving our goals.

We’ve all heard them…

I’ll wait until I have more experience;
I’ll wait until I am ready;
I’ll wait until I’ve saved a bit of money first;

Ooo, and the classic:

I’ll wait until I have more time.

The problem is, these excuses do actually feel fully justified, don’t they?

You’re probably reading this now and thinking, ‘Yeah, but, I actually don’t have enough time’.

Can I tell you something? Please try not to take it defensively, as I am only trying to help.


I don’t care what you say; they are excuses.

Look at the common theme occurring in those statements.


I’ll wait, I’ll wait, I’ll wait.

What are you waiting for?!

How much time do we really have available to us? Will we even be alive tomorrow?

Allow me to make an assumption…

You’re hesitant to move forward.

You know what you want to do but have reservations about your capability to do it.

Fear is holding you back from making that commitment to move forward.

Instead, it’s far easier to attach the responsibility and blame on to something external.

Delay the outcome…

Avoid the discomfort…

And worry about it at some other point in the future.

Resonate? Yeah, like I said, I’ve been there.

Problem with this is: you will continue to ‘wait’, you will continue to ‘delay’, you will continue to ‘justify’.

That dream, your passion, that spark in your eye when you speak about what you REALLY want to be doing, will start to become more unobtainable as time goes by…

Until you’re left in a sea of deep disappointment and regret.

Do you deserve that?

No, nobody does; including you!

I’ve got something to tell you.

If you really want something; and you want to make it a reality…

You’re ready, today.

You’re good enough, today.

You can make the time, today.

If you’re passionate about something, and you know exactly what you ‘want’ to do with your life, but you’re not doing it…

Tomorrow is uncertain, let alone next week, next month, next year.

You owe it to yourself, to take back your control.

We have control over one thing, and one thing only.


That ‘one day’ you’re looking for, is today.


Are you fed up of doing the same things and feeling the same way?

Are you tired of trying to move forward with something, only to end up back at square one, wondering where it all went wrong?

The list goes on…

Yup. I’ve been there. I can still feel the struggle!

Good news, I have the solution.

I’m so confident I can help get you where you need to be, it’s unreal.

and now, you actually have a chance to experience this stuff!

Coaching. Will. Blow. Your. Mind.


As I mentioned in my website launch yesterday, for the first time, I am opening my coaching programme, and taking on 5 new clients!

To take on these 5 clients, I will be offering 15 complimentary discovery sessions (Yes – that means FREE!)

During this session, we will work out if coaching is for you, what you need support with and if we would be the right fit to work with each other.

This can be done online via Skype, at my office, or somewhere mutual like a nice warm Starbucks ☕

At the very least, you will leave the session after:

✅Creating a crystal-clear vision of your future

✅Uncovering the hidden obstacles that could be sabotaging your success

✅Feeling renewed, reenergised and inspired to start making things happen if your life

I’ve got no attached to continuing working together by the way; I would just genuinely love to be part of your journey…


If you want to be one of the crazy people that wake up early, knowing exactly what you need to do, and bloody excited to do it?

Then click the link in the comments and book in your session before they run out.

I will only be offering 15 discovery sessions; once they’re gone, they’re gone.

I managed to drag myself from prison, addiction, trauma, and a life of limitations; to a guy with laser focus and a constant source of motivation.

I’ve done it, and you can too.

If you’re ready to break the mould and make things happen..

You’ll know what to do.

Lewis ~ someone who’s been there.



Making A Choice

I realised something that changed EVERYTHING!!

I then knew exactly what I had to do.

I was faced with two simple choices:

  1. Chain my dreams in the back of my mind, settle for less than I deserved, and suppress every idea or aspiration that came into my head.
  2. Explore what I really wanted, nurture my dreams, and take consistent action to make them a reality.


Sounds like quite an easy decision to make, doesn’t it?

But not – I had been taking the first option for over two decades.


A lot of things really…

But what it really came down to, the reason why it all seemed so unbearable?

Was because it all just seemed too ‘hard’.

Yup, It was easier to settle!

Then I realised something that changed everything…

It wasn’t going after my dreams that was hard!

It was LIFE that was hard.

No matter what choice I made, I’d still have to tackle difficult and uncomfortable times in other areas of my life.

Regardless, things would still be ‘hard’!


The penny dropped!

Feeling a bit uncomfortable during growing pains, taking risks, and putting some graft in, but feeling satisfied and fulfilled that I am doing what I REALLY want with my life.

That isn’t hard.

Accepted mediocre, letting my dreams rot in the back of my mind, slowly eating away at me, whilst living a life of dissatisfaction, disappointment and regret…

THAT, is what is really hard!

If it’s going to be hard anyway, then why not make sure you’re working towards something you truly desire?

Yeah it will be hard, but life always will be.

The difference?

The right choice, will be fucking worth it.

What choice will you take?



How To Motivate And Inspire Your Audience

Someone called me a Lecturer yesterday; I almost crapped my pants with excitement.

Of course, I’m not a Lecturer; but the fact that somebody thought I was, made it all so real that I’ve lost my reputation as a: violent thug, druggy, convict – to name a few.

Thank you Highbury College for allowing me to present my talk, “It’s amazing what you can do in a year’, to the A level & Access students, yesterday. As well as presenting me with the Achievement Award for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

I was uncomfortable and nervous, of course – but the great response I got, made it all worthwhile!

One student said:

“Well done for changing your life around and becoming who you are today you should be so proud of yourself and you have made me realise if I want something bad enough to believe in myself and my dreams will come to true, thank you” ~ Sophie Day, Access Student

This is why I do this stuff!

Help me become more uncomfortable! I’m desperate to continue growing in this area…

If you’re interested in motivating and inspiring your audience:

The main areas covered in this specific talk are:

* Realisation that motivation isn’t consistent and there will be times when tools will be needed to maintain motivation.

* Creating a vision of the future.

* The sacrifice and discipline that is necessary to achieve your vision.

* Story telling to provide empowerment with regards to hard work and consistency.

* My story of overcoming adversity – allowing you to realise: that your problems aren’t an excuse to underachieve; how beliefs can hold you back; and that you can learn anything and be successful, if you’re hungry enough for it.

If this talk, or any other bespoke speaking, is of interest to you, please reach out.

Lewis Raymond Taylor ~ someone who’s been there.



Keep Pushing

I truly believe that some of us were supposed to face challenges, endure painful circumstances and have to tackle extreme life adversity.

We are now blessed with the roadmap of how to overcome these obstacles and the opportunity to help others do the same; or better yet, ensure they don’t face the obstacles in the first place.

A Counsellor once told me a quote that has formed the foundations of how I am now able to help people.

“A smart person learns from their mistakes. A wise person learns from the mistakes of others”.

The ones who have had to endure these difficult times, have done so, so that others now don’t have to!

If you’re facing a difficult challenge, enduring painful circumstances or having to tackle extreme life adversity, then you’re about to be blessed with a new opportunity…

An opportunity to serve others.

That, to me anyway, is worth the struggle.

Keep pushing – opportunity awaits.

How To Commit To A Goal

Thought about committing to a goal, but haven’t had much luck?

Are you ready to stop: messing around; procrastinating; waiting for the right moment; allowing fear to overwhelm your decisions, intellectualising; overthinking; doubting
yourself; and any other negative thought process that has been holding you back in actually making a solid commitment?

Here’s what you need to do:


Some people will often start a goal by merely doing something productive and ‘seeing how it goes’ – this doesn’t work.
It’s important to explore BOTH the opportunities AND the obligations of your goal. Establish all the difficulties in your plan, BEFORE you start – so you’re ready for them when they arise, so that they won’t throw you off guard, discourage you and leave you feeling… yes, you’ve guessed it, demotivated!

Yes, it’s important to highlight the positives of achieving your goal, but you should also be aware of the things you’ll have to sacrifice, all the hard work you’ll have to put in and what obstacles you are likely to face. So, when things get tough, you’ll be ready for it and you’ll be able to start focusing on the opportunity, whilst accepting the obligation at the same time.

Opportunity > Obligation: It is important however, to ensure the opportunity outweighs the obligation. Make sure you really enhance all aspects of the opportunity to yourself. For example:

You want to lose weight for a holiday, but at the same time, you are like me and LOVE cheese and pizza and cheese. Did I mention I like cheese?

Anyway, the point I am making is if you like cheese more than you want to lose weight, things are going to be difficult. Make sure you sell yourself your dream/goal. Highlight and enhance all the positives; make them as desirable as you can!

Ask yourself:

  • What will achieving the goal mean to you?
    · How will it make you feel?
    · How will it change your life?


Be aware – your brain will try and trick you! You brain is very clever, it is designed to keep us safe… a natural instinct to keep us alive. Your brain will try and avoid anything uncomfortable and without warning it will start to justify why you’re not achieving your goals (this is more commonly known as… lame excuses).

Your brain will continue to justify and rationalise to a point where you agree with yourself that achieving your goals and aspirations is a bad idea and you’re just fine how you are.
Listen, let me tell you something… you’re lying to yourself. Ignore that destructive part of yourself. Fight it off. Fight it hard. Because it was come back, time, after time, after time, and keep trying to justify more reasons as to why you should
get back into your comfort zone. But let me tell you another thing, you wont get anywhere by staying there.

I find it useful to write myself a note and stick it on the wall. When you’ve managed to finally fight off denial and your true self is exposed, motivated and ready. Capture that feeling, that drive, that emotion and write a note of what you
want to do. I also find it useful to sign it. That way, when the negative, life destroying part of you comes back again, you’ll have the note to remind you what’s really important to you and to try and ignore any temporary feelings and emotions.


I understand this can be a daunting experience. I know I’m going to sound cheesy here, but this is the number one most important part to successful goal-achievement, so I have to say it. Some of you may never have heard it before…
You can do it. No listen to what I am saying here: you
absolutely can do it. Self-believe is crucial to motivation. Affirming your worth and abilities are very important. There are so many people that hold back because they feel they are incapable of doing something. Achieve it. And then
wonder what the hell they were worried about in the first place!

You will be amazed at what you can achieve.


I go back to what I said at the start: STOP waiting… You may never get the chance if you keep waiting.. there is absolutely not better time to start than right now… so start now.

Explore. Fight. Believe. Commit.

Lewis Raymond Taylor, Director & Personal Development Mentor at Hunger Start