October 30, 2018 – Page 2 – Lewis Raymond Taylor

You Are Gifted

You are gifted!

Do you realise that?

There are things you find easy that others can’t even comprehend.

There is a way about you that allows certain people to feel a certain way.

There are skills and talents that you have that you are not using to the best of your ability.

How do I know this?

Because I was one of those people.

I had things I knew I was good at, but I didn’t see them as a gift.

I didn’t appreciate them.

In fact, I chose to completely ignore and dismiss them.

But why?

If someone gives you a gift…

What do you do with it?

You use it.

You appreciate it

You make the most of it.

Not leave it:


So why is your life any different?

It’s not.

Don’t allow the impact you could create, the feeling you could give someone, or anything else that you could produce, be left:


You are gifted.

It’s up to you how you use that gift.

And if you’ve got a choice?

Which you have…

Why not use it?

You’re not something that should be wasted.


Another Wrong Made Right

It’s not always easy to ‘right’ a lifetime of ‘wrongs’.

For lasting change to occur, changing one thing sometimes isn’t enough.

Change sometimes requires a more aggressive attack from more than one angle.

And that takes some work.

For me?

Some changes were instant, such as getting out of prison and moving away from all of my friends and family.

Some changes were invisible, such as the way I felt about myself, and my whole attitude and mindset towards the world.

Some were obvious, such as the clothes I wore, the language I used, and the expressions on my face.

However, some changes were stubborn!

When I started my journey developing myself, I wasn’t even allowed a bank card!

But I kept moving forward.

From not even being allowed a bank card, with a black listed credit rating, to savings, a solid credit rating and a sexy gold American Express. I don’t even use it, but it feels good to have one.

Starting on benefits was hard too!

But I watched myself bounce from benefits, to employment, to full-time entrepreneurship…

And today?

Another win I’d like to share with you.

I lost my licence over 3 years ago.

My drinking was so bad I was having seizures.

I would literally wake up in hospital after convulsing for an hour and not remember anything from the past 2 weeks usually.

As a result, my licence was revoked.

Speaking of the ‘stubborn changes’ – this one was tough!

I’ve had to jump through a lot of hoops, do a lot of tests and pass all of the DVLA requirements, but today, another little win.

Another ‘wrong’ made ‘right’.

And another step closer to where I want to be.

Keep jumping through those hoops guys.

The feeling of winning is unreal.

It makes all the historic ‘loses’ feel somewhat irrelevant.


P.S – please ignore my picture here!

P.P.S – Mercedes CL200, I’m getting closer to you!


Winning Every Single Day

I wanted to share something with you this morning.

It’s been so powerful to me, and my life, so I hope someone else takes something from it too.

One of the biggest breakthroughs I ever had was so simple!

I was sat in front of a Psychologist in prison, with my arms crossed, being as defensive as humanly possible, as usual.

I had told him about my dream to go to university, but that I felt frustrated that the finish line seemed so distant in my mind.

“I’m not wasting 5-6 years of my life to start from scratch, just to get a piece of paper!”, I shouted at him.

Like something out of a film, with his notepad in his hand, he calmly replied…

“Enjoy the journey”

Every now and again you hear something and it makes total sense…

Clarity immediately came over me, and I realised what I had been doing wrong this whole time!

Because I was so focused on the end result, I was failing to acknowledge everything else along the way.

For example, university?

The piece of paper… who cares!

But what about:

– The satisfaction I would get for making the commitment to seek more from myself

– For doing something I never thought capable of doing

– Meeting new people

– Pushing myself and learning new things

– The fulfilment I’d get from knowing that I am moving closer to where I wanted to be

All of that could be experienced on a daily basis, right from the start.

Now, I’m sure getting to the end of your goal will be amazing…

But there is so much more to be enjoyed.

Take a step back…

Appreciate each and every daily win, the progression you make and the satisfaction you get from knowing you’re on the right path.

As long as you continue to do that?

Moving in the right direction…

Enjoying the journey…

You’ll eventually get to your destination.

But this way?

You win, every single day.

Not just on the last.


Putting Yourself First Isn’t Selfish

Putting yourself first isn’t selfish!

I hear this a lot. Like, a LOT.

We pick up beliefs throughout our life; messages we’ve been given, things we’ve seen, heard, felt or experienced.

From a young age, one of them is usually to share, help other people, be kind, give to others, etc…

Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

However, a lot of people get this skewed.

They end up helping others so much, that they start to neglect themselves…

They start to believe that by doing things for themselves, means that they can’t serve others…

And if they did do something for themselves, they’d be selfish.

Not true!

Selfishness is simply a lack of consideration for someone else.

Now answer me this:

Does it have to be at your detriment to consider someone else?


Here’s the thing:

It’s okay to put yourself first!

There isn’t just space for one person in that position! You, and everybody else, can be treated in the same way.

Actually, by prioritising yourself, you’re in a stronger position to be able to help other people.

Yes! By prioritising yourself, you benefit others.

So remember, be a bit ‘selfish’ today.

You’ll be able to help more people.

And besides…

You deserve just as much as anybody else.









Talking About Your Emotions

It’s weak to talk about your emotions!

I thought that once. In fact; I was convinced of that once.

It’s not just me either. A lot of people come to me with the same belief.

You may agree. You may also think that nobody cares what you have to say, or that you can’t trust people.

But let’s look at this:

Emotions are natural.
Thoughts are natural.
Communicating with others is natural.

Why do we think it’s ‘strong’ to keep everything bottled up inside?

It’s easy to tell ourselves that we don’t need anyone and we are fine how we are, but believe you me, that doesn’t work forever.

That irritability you feel, that overwhelm, the stress, the need for escape, those sleepless nights, that anxiety, the list goes on…

All of these symptoms are largely down to too much stuff spiralling around in your head.

Allowing yourself to feel like that?


The solution? It’s simple:


Explore your emotions, understand why you’re feeling the way you are. Have the opportunity to offload, feel supported and connect with another human being.


Ever had a rant, and then after felt like a weight had been lifted?

You don’t need to wait until you get to that point, you can just tell people how you’re feeling on a daily basis.

It’s not weak.
They do care about you.
You can trust them.

Talking about your emotions shows strength.

…and I’m here when you’re ready.

Lewis ~ someone who’s been there.

P.s – excuse my hair, it’s windy in Portsmouth!


I Am Enough

Imagine every time an opportunity presented itself to you, someone whispered straight into your ear and told you, “You’re useless and incapable of doing ANYTHING!”.

Wouldn’t feel very nice for starters, would it?

It would likely completely put you off taking advantage of the opportunity, too.

Now, imagine that 50 times a day, everyday, for the whole of your life…

Someone constantly putting you down, discouraging you from moving forward, and enforcing every negative belief you have about yourself.

Sounds even worse, right?

Now, imagine if that person was you?

Think about the times you’ve:

* Dismissed a business opportunity because you’d never be able to work hard enough.

* The evening class you didn’t take because you weren’t clever enough.

* The date you didn’t go on because you weren’t good enough.

See a theme here?


If you constantly tell yourself you’re not enough…

Guess how you’re going to feel?

Not enough.

When you don’t feel enough.

Guess what you won’t do?

Go after the things you want in life.

You may not even be aware you’re doing this.

Try and catch yourself next time you talk to yourself in this way.

Tell yourself the direct opposite and start to change the way you feel.

“I am enough!”
“I am enough!”
“I am enough!”

Because, guess what?

You are, and always have been.

Get used to the process of fighting those voices away.

Because, the next time an opportunity presents itself to you, instead of negativity, you’ll hear a voice whispering straight in your ear saying…

“Go for it!”


Lessons From Dan Meredith

Lessons from Dan Meredith…

“It’s got to be perfect, or I’m not doing it at all!”

Although seemingly positive, that statement almost murdered my dreams.

Luckily, after sitting down with Dan today for a 1:2:1 coaching session, I had the privilege of him telling me to shut the fuck up and listen:

“Stop fucking around, over-thinking and just do it.”

He’s right.

Here’s the thing.

Perfectionism doesn’t exist; It’s an illusion. Why strive for something that is physically impossible to achieve?

Although I have learned to overcome this obstacle, it still creeps up on me.

I first realised when I was in rehab and I physically couldn’t bring myself to hand in my morning journal, after attempting 20-30 times to write the damn page-long entry without making a single mistake.

I would literally make my knuckles bleed from punching the wall; I was so angry with myself!

Thankfully, this happened whilst going through extensive therapy – so I found out where it came from…

It’s actually a trait of low self-worth.

When we are overly critical of ourselves, we expect others to respond to us in the same way.

Makes complete sense, doesn’t it? Although I didn’t have the awareness at the time, that’s exactly what I thought…

I can just remember stressing to myself now: “make sure it’s perfect, because then nobody will know you’re stupid!”

You may be wondering why I said perfectionism nearly murdered my dreams?

Look at my first statement ‘It’s got to be perfect, or I’m not doing it at all!’

Now, if I’m honest with myself, if I weighed it up, how many things would I have done that are perfect…

Well, 0.

Maybe a few things that I spent a lot of time and energy on, sacrificing my well-being and enjoyment of the task;

And how many things have I ‘not done at all’?

Shit loads.

Imagine one hundred opportunities and ideas…

The perfectionism strategy:

* 2-3 well-polished pieces of stress induced outcomes.
* 97-98 missed opportunities and un-actioned ideas.


The taking action strategy:

* 100 opportunities and ideas that have been implemented and materialised.

These 100 ideas and opportunities have the ability to be improved, development and eventually PERFECTED later on.

Perfectionism holds you back from taking action. Simple as that.

It’s very cleverly disguised procrastination, avoidance and above all… plain laziness!

If you can relate to this – I’ve got news for you…

I was worried everyone would think I was stupid, turns out some people think the opposite.

Can I tell you what is stupid?

* Keeping those amazing ideas locked up in your head for fear of criticism.
* Not taking advantage of opportunities because you’re not good enough.
* Not going after what you want because you are not ready.

As Mr Meredith relentlessly drummed into my head today; even after hearing him say it constantly…


I agree. But it’s easy to let your head get the better of you sometimes.

After today?

I choose to be perfectly imperfect – and I’ve got some work to do.

Thank you, Dan!

You’re such a decent guy at heart, and despite all the abuse you give me; I do respect you.

I’m looking forward to being part of your world more moving forward.


Final message:

Just because your work isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean you aren’t.

P.S – I still checked this status 34 times for typos (Work in progress haha)



Taking Responsibility For Your Life

“It wasn’t my fault, one thing led to another and before I knew it…. things just spiralled out of control!”

Ever heard yourself say that? I seemed to say it a hell of lot a few years ago.

The crazy thing is, I actually thought that was a valid excuse for all the ‘bad luck’ in my life.

To a certain extent, I was right. I absolutely had lost control; but… it WAS my fault!

I was refusing to accept responsibility for my own decisions, my actions, my behaviour and ultimately, my life.

The problem with refusing to take responsibility, is you have absolutely no way of improving the situation or preventing it from happening again.

Then what happens?

You make another bad decision, and another, and another; before you know it…

You’re sitting there thinking “How did I end up here, again!”

That happened to me anyway, over and over and over. Waking up: in a police cell, in some grimy old flat, or with your two front teeth missing. Okay, maybe that was just me.

Anyway, after a moment of clarity, I decided to stop letting things ‘sprial out of control’ and take my CONTROL BACK.

But how? Very simple actually:

By accepting that it was ME that was causing these circumstances to occur in my life.

Obvious, I know! But to me…

It was his fault, her fault their fault; and because of this, that and the other – but I never looked at myself.

By taking my control back, it gave me power.

The power to change
The power to grow
The power is start to influence my life

You see, if you take responsibly for yourself. Guess what?

You can tackle the problem! You don’t push the blame on to somebody else and refuse to do anything about it. You try and resolve the problem, you work out what made it occur in the first place, and you then put in preventative measures to ensure it NEVER happens again!

As a result?

Things don’t become progressively worse, one bad thing doesn’t lead to another, and you start to have choice in your life.

The moment I realised this, everything around me started to fall into place.

So much so, that sometimes I have to sit back and look at my life and think “WOW – how did this happen!”

Do you realise what happened?!


Yes, the same process when things escalate out of control, can happen in the complete opposite direction; in a positive way!

Please realise something, for me.

You have choices today. You can:

Accept, or blame.

Tackle, or avoid.

Spiral in, or out of control.

Which will you choose?

Lewis ~ someone who’s been there

P.S – once you start taking responsibility for your life…

Opportunities fall in your lap, your life falls into place and everything starts to look brighter. I promise you that.

If you want your life to spiral back into control, then take responsibility now and reach out. I’d love to see if I can help.

Life is one hell of a journey, just make sure you’re in the driver’s seat.



Dream Big

Are your dreams dead?

Absolutely NOT!

Whether you chose to remember it or not, there was a time when you wanted a HELL OF A LOT MORE than what you’re giving yourself now.

What happened to that person?

The person who dreamed big, felt unstoppable and who was prepared to fight for what they wanted out of life!

Was it ‘someone’ that killed your dreams?

Maybe they told you that you should do something more ‘realistic’ and ‘sensible’.

Was is ‘something’ that killed your dreams?

Maybe an experience that made you doubt yourself, your ability and what you were truly capable of.

Was it ‘complacency’?

Maybe life just got in the way. Personal circumstances and unexpected events occurring in your life that caused your dreams to become increasingly distant.

To be honest, it was probably a combination of all of those things, plus a million and one other variables.

Time for the harsh bit.

You made a choice to settle.

You chose to bury your dreams in the back of your head and settle for far less than you deserve.

Now, before you get defensive, start calling me a cheeky git for making assumptions, and then proceed to justify how happy you are with your life.

Be honest with yourself.

I know some of your aspirations will have been fulfilled, but NOBODY can ever say that they’ve lived every single one of their dreams.

There is always more that we can do.
There is always a next level.
There is always something else that we’ve always wanted to do.

Now for the good news.

Your dreams aren’t dead.

They’re still very much alive. Maybe you know exactly what you want out of life, or maybe it will take a bit of exploring; however, your dreams are still there!

You are choosing to allow other people, negative experiences and personal circumstances to hold you back from taking what you really want in life.

Which means?

You can choose to do something different!

Somewhere along the way, you made a choice to lower your expectations of yourself, your life and your future.

However, the person who dreamed big, felt unstoppable and who was prepared to fight for what they wanted out of life…

Is still there.

Question is…

Are you prepared to make another choice, and unleash them on the world?

Lewis ~ Someone who’s been there.

Lewis Raymond Taylor
Hunger Start Community Network



Taking A Risk

Selfish people prevent you from taking risks!

What mother has ever said: “Have a great day at school, sweetie – don’t forget to take a load of risks today!”

None, right?

When we are younger, loved ones often tell us to be careful and stay safe.

Constant conditioning, preventing us from taking risks.

Problem is; this doesn’t stay with us in our childhood. We carry these beliefs through with us our entire lives.

Why is it a problem?

It means we associate risk, with danger; and danger creates fear.

We all know what fear does, don’t we?

Prevents us from living the life we really want to live.

When actually, risk doesn’t only mean danger.

It can also result in… REWARD!

It’s funny actually, whilst loved ones are intending to try and keep their children safe – they are actually damaging them.

This may be quite hard to understand, but preventing loved ones from taking risks is actually quite selfish.

They prevent us from taking risks, because it’s there way of saying, “I couldn’t cope if anything happened to you”.

So, by keeping us wrapped up in cotton wool, they have peace of mind.

However, their peace of mind, sacrifices our potential REWARD!

Now, I am not encouraging you to just take blind risks!

I mean, I’ve done it…

I used to swing for balconies, completely off my face.

I used to run in to crowds of 10 or so people, swinging punches.

I used to break the law, committing senseless crimes.

I used to buy and sell things, that I shouldn’t have.

I used to gamble, with money I didn’t have.

I used to have unprotected sex, with women I knew I shouldn’t.

It’s fair to say, I was a risk taker.

On reflection, I think to myself…

I was taking insane, reckless and uncalculated risks.

But for what?

Pain, danger, and a constant state or disruption in my life.

All I received, was the buzz of taking risks.

But… with NO REWARD.

An entrepreneur for example, is defined as: ‘a person who sets up a business, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit’.

They take a risk, for example investing some money in starting a part-time business.

For this, they can be rewarded with money, freedom, status, fame and authority – to name a few.

A great example of when the reward far outweighs the risk.

Wouldn’t you agree?

In summary:

Why aren’t you taking risks, is it because somebody has conditioned you not to?

What would your life look like if you took a few more risks?

But remember…

If you’re going to take risks, make sure they are worth the reward.

And If you’re not taking risks; well, that in itself is the biggest risk of all!

Lewis ~ someone who’s been there.

P.S – if you’re interested to see what life would look like after a leap of faith? Let’s explore this together – feel free to send me a message.

P.P.S – I’m about to take a big risk myself.

How do I feel about it? Nothing but excitement!

I hope to share more with you soon.