October 30, 2018 – Lewis Raymond Taylor

They’ll See Straight Through Me

“They’ll see straight through me”,

A line that I heard in my head over and over again.

Whether it was writing my first blog post, trying to make my first sale, or approaching anything new, I was sure that everyone knew where I had come from, and saw my fears that I didn’t deserve any kind of success.

No belief in myself, whatsoever.

Just enough to get going, but not enough to build any real momentum.

It wasn’t easy, but that same voice I heard back then?

Has been damped, and replaced with experiences of success.


Quite simple really….

I chose to ignore the voice.

I chose to believe in myself regardless of the doubt and the fear.

It’s crazy though, isn’t it?

We are good at what we do, but we can still sometimes feel a fraud.

An imposter…

About to be unmasked at any moment.

We fixate on the past, on the time we said the wrong thing, or the time we walked away from a tricky situation because it was easier, rather than facing it head on.

Or even worse…

…the time your fear of failing stopped you from even trying something new.

These are choices; nothing more.

And just like the decision of whether you get on that plane and explore a new place on your own.

Or the decision of whether you boost that Facebook post offering your services…

It’s all a choice.

A choice to own your worth, and do the thing that is going to move you forward towards the things you want out of life.

Regardless of the doubt and fear…

You make a choice to continue moving forward.

Because the reality is, nobody is going to believe in you, if you don’t.

Whether you are offering a service or a handmade product, there is absolutely no reason why yours isn’t the one that somebody will choose.

How many times have you met someone who’s service is damn right shoddy, yet they shout about it from the roof tops…

And guess what!?

They have 100k followers on Instagram, with sales pouring in!


Because belief breeds trust

…and trust breeds sales.

These people said fuck you to the fear and doubt; and took what they wanted from life.

So, even if you don’t believe in yourself yet…

Why not pretend you do?

Puff out your chest, clear your head, and tell yourself how fucking amazing you are.

Because sometimes you have to ‘be it’ until you start to ‘see it’.

I guess if you heard about me from one of your friends:

Young lad, troubled upbringing, expelled from school, history of drug and alcohol abuse, mental health problems, time inside…

Yet, owning multiple successful online businesses…

You’d probably say “Yeah right!”.

But here I am.

How did I do it?

Despite the odds?

One simple, yet powerful thing happened…

I started to believe I could.

Personal Development Malarky

RIGHT! That’s it!

… here’s what I think about all this ‘Personal development malarky’

This picture? It’s me 10 years ago… but before we talk about me, let’s talk about you.

Warren Buffet, one of the richest men on the planet, famous for making the best investments of all time, was once asked, “what is the best investment you can make?

He replied, “The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”

If you look at highly successful people, they all possess the ability to find time to work on themselves, whether it’s reading, courses, self-reflection, or hiring a coach.

They realise that if they want the external things in their life to develop, they need to grow to facilitate these changes.

The reality is:

A: Personal development is a powerful process that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

B: A Coach is someone who will ensure you get there.


Many people are stopped from taking advantage of this, because personal development kind of has a bit of a stigma attached to it.

A lot of people seem to think it’s embarrassing and only for people that are going through a mid-life crisis or a nervous breakdown…

I must admit, I actually thought that too.

But I’m here to tell you that, that is a load of rubbish.

Personal Development and Coaching will change your life.


The great thing about personal development, is once you realise its value, and see the results for yourself?

You’ll want to learn more…

… and seek an even deeper understanding of yourself.

Personal development is different for everyone.

There are so many things you can work on and it’s a progressive process of understanding and developing yourself.

I could talk all day about the value of personal development, but let me just highlight some key points.

– It helps you get to know who you really are – your values, passion, and purpose in life.

– It gives you a sense of direction, saving you a lot of time wasted on drifting from one thing to the other.

– It teaches you to prioritise things and focus on what is important to you.

– It motivates you to take the necessary actions to achieve your goals.

– It makes you resilient and confident even during tough times.

– It helps you deal with every relationship you have in life, investing in those that positively impact you and cutting the ones out that drag you down.

As I explained before, Personal Development is a powerful process that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

But, it’s a Coach’s responsibility to ensure you get there.

The problem is, a lot of people know what they need to do, but they don’t do what they know.

How many times have tried to move forward with a goal, felt motivated, moved forward a bit, only to lose motivation and end up back at square one wondering where it all went wrong?

Just as athletes need somebody to push them to do their best, a coach also plays a vital role in making you succeed in your goals.

Believe me, I once questioned my own need to have a coach. It’s part of the acceptance process. If you are familiar with the stages of grief, it’s the same stages when you think about accepting help.

– Denial
– Anger
– Bargaining
– Depression
– Acceptance

Denial: First, you go like “Nah, I don’t need a coach. I am absolutely fine, I’m alright on my own.”

Anger: The next thing you know, you’re blaming everyone and everything for why your life isn’t the way you like. Why is life so unfair, why do I have such bad luck! Sound familiar?

Bargaining: Then you start to play with the idea, maybe I can’t do this alone, I wonder if there is any help out there. Maybe you’ll have a cheeky search on google, maybe you’ll drop it in a conversation with a friend.

Depression: Realising this, you may then feel depressed that you have come in this stage of your life where you can no longer succeed on your own – “What could I have done wrong to deserve this?” I didn’t think life was going to be this hard.

Acceptance: Then you gather your senses together and finally accept the fact, “Yes, I do need help”.

And let me tell you something, there is NOTHING wrong with a bit of help from time to time. You will help people in your life, people will help you and that’s how the world goes around.

Hiring a coach is not your last resort.

While many others view coaches like me as a life-saver, this isn’t actually the case.

You don’t need to wait long enough until you drown in your own mess to hire a coach.

There are many instances in life where having one can help you unleash your full potential.

Basically, you don’t have to hit rock bottom like I did, to work your way up.

If your life is a 7/10 now, and things are ‘alright’, imagine your life at 10/10 and things are ‘amazing’.

Coaching is a life-changing service.

With the right coach, possibilities are endless, there are no limits, and you become unstoppable!

Things for me are far different from the warped perspective I held before about personal development.

To this day, I have my own Coaches and I’m constantly striving to learn more about myself and become the absolute best person I can be.

In doing that, everything else seems to fall into place around me quite nicely.

I can’t describe to you the sense of satisfaction I get from seeing my life progress in this way and the fulfilment I get from being able to help other people.

I’ve come along way from the scared and angry kid you see in the picture, and that’s all down to working on myself and getting the right support.

A: Personal development
B: Coaching

So if you’re looking for something that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be?

I suggest you try a taste of personal development and see what you think.

… and if you’re looking for someone to ensure you get there, I suggest you consider coaching.

Remember, one thing; this is your life we are talking about here.

It’s worth trying anything that will allow you to make ‘life’ exactly how you want it to be…

Not settling for how you feel, or what you have.

There is more out there for you…

and there is more of you to show the world…

…but are YOU ready to find it?


Without Risk, There Is No Reward

It’s better to play it safe…


Sorry, I had to say it.

Life choices?

Without risk, there is no reward!

I find it funny that just because we’ve heard something so many times, we assume it must be true.

Don’t worry, I believed it all before too.

It’s impossible to think anything else when we have the government, our parents, and likely very clever people – telling us to be sensible, play it safe and work hard towards somebody else’s dreams lollllll.

The world is changing!

But apparently advice stays the same…

We are living in a world of opportunity and freedom more than ever before!

Unfortunately, due to the conditions that have been imposed on us by previous generations, we are scared of taking advantage of it!

Scared of taking these opportunities.

Scared of tasting the freedom.

You may be thinking now:

– What if it goes wrong?

– What if I fail?

– What if I die? (Yes, I’ve heard that)

– What if I become homeless (Yea, I’ve heard that one too – A LOT!)

And worse yet, the fear is enforced by others who are also scared.

Repetitive circle of people living in the same bubble, doing the same things.

You may have heard of a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad?

The author, Robert Kiyosaki, speaks about the Rat Race.

The Rat Race is the trap that most of us are in, and have no idea.

Just running around that hamster wheel, day in, day out, wondering why they feel so trapped and unfulfilled.

Let me tell you…

There is a way out.

You start to ignore the what ifs!

And you start to take risks…

That will lead you to the abundance of reward.

Because these what ifs?


And if they did?

So what?


So. What.

Let me give you an example….

– Try a new job, and it doesn’t work out?

You can get your old job back.

– Move aboard and it’s too hot.

You fly home.

– You start a business and you don’t like it?

You stick with your currently job.


– Try a new job, and it doesn’t work out?

You realised something you don’t like, you’re one step closer, so you apply for a new one based on what you’ve learned.

– Move abroad and its too hot?

You buy an air-con, you move to a cooler country, or you make sure you spend a lot of time in the swimming pool.

– You start a business and you don’t like it?

You work out why you don’t like it and change that thing, or you change your business to something that is more enjoyable.


Do you get what I’m saying here?

There is no risk.

The ‘what ifs’ don’t matter.

Apart from one…

There is one ‘what if’ that is VERY important.

What if you spend your entire life playing it safe, not taking risks, not going after what would really light you up inside?

Everyone wants to ‘play it safe’.

But, is living an unfulfilling life ‘safe’ ?

That sounds very dangerous to me.

To waste your life??

That could be the biggest risk of all.

I speak to people all the time who, after a bit of encouragement, finally pluck up the courage to take a leap and do ‘that thing’ that they’ve always wanted to do…

And do you know what they usually tell me after?

It’s the best thing they’ve ever done.

So the next time you think about playing it safe…

Allow yourself to take risks so that you can experience the rewards….

…and play it smart instead.




I see so many people who literally allow their entire life to be dictated by one person’s words.

Really think about what I just said there…

Some people allow their ENTIRE LIFE to be dictated by ONE PERSON’S WORDS.

Entire life. One person’s words.

A little out of balance, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve seen it, and I’ve done it….

We pluck up the courage to start seeking more for ourselves; we decided to take a risk to go after something that is important to us; and we take a step forward to go after what WE REALLY WANT.

And then, one piece of criticism comes our way, and we undo all that hard work, and decide to be influenced by SOMEONE ELSE!

Okay, there are usually a few other factors that come into play like our own limiting beliefs, low self-confidence and fear…

But as soon as someone confirms our doubt, it can break our confidence, create fear and it gives us the green light to avoid these beliefs, doubt and fear, and take the easy option…

Go back to what we know, not upset other people, get comfortable, and just throw it all away.

But, is that the ‘easy option’?

– Staying stuck
– Living your life for someone else
– Being easily influenced by other people
– Not going after what you really want
– Running towards a future of regret and disappointment…

Sounds hard, if you ask me!

Yet, the process you need to stop your self-sabotaging behaviour is very easy.


Step 1: Awareness

First, you bring awareness around what you’re doing. Become aware that you’re choosing to sacrifice your entire life, because of one person’s words.

– Entire life. One person’s words.
– Entire life. One person’s words.
– Entire life. One person’s words.

Once you realise you are getting the wrong end of the bargain, you’re probably less likely to do it!

Step 2: Understand

Now, you need to understand why these people are criticising you, feeding your negativity, putting you down, spitting judgmental crap to your face, without you even realising.

You can see that I am getting a bit, ummm, let’s say ‘passionate’ about this subject, because…

These haters!

Yes, I said it. These haters, are the worst kind of people usually. Because they’re so manipulative that they generally make you feel like you’re making the decision on your own!

You may be completely unaware that someone has just deliberately derailed you from going after your dreams, and accepting far less than you deserve!

Worst yet, you may even thank them for their advice!

Let me explain a little bit more about these haters, and what they’re actually trying to do when they open their miserable little mouths…

Haters, are people who quite frankly are uncomfortable with themselves in some way.

When they judge you, criticise you, say sarcastic comments about you, laugh at you, or even give you some helpful advice… what they are doing is justifying their own insecurities and doubts about themselves.

Their subconscious is feeling uncomfortable, denial is being broken down and they may
wish they could have the courage to take a risk like you are!

But they don’t!

So rather than accepting that they’re a pussy, it’s easy to drag you back to their level.

They may also just be unhappy, and by you being happy, may make them feel worse. So again, the selfish manipulative ways of these haters is to judge, criticism and ‘advise’ you, so that you again don’t get something that they secretly want.

Another thing to take into consideration is that they may just find it satisfying to exhort power over you to influence your actions.

Some people are control freaks, and they simply like to change people’s minds and tell you about how wrong you are, and how right they are.

Guess what though?

They ARE wrong.


Do you know how I know this?

Because it’s your fucking life!

And do you know what that means?


So, whatever you decide to do, you don’t need someone else’s approval or opinion, you simply do it…

Regardless of what they say.

Let me give you an example:

I’ve recently been quite vocal about the fact that from a young age I’ve wanted to be famous.

Que haters to the left of the stage please…

“Lewis, you should just love yourself, you don’t need fame to do that.”

“Haha. Seriously? How are you going to do that?”

“It’s hard to be famous you know, most people fail’

I could literally go on forever! There are lots of disguised hate being thrown about, trust me.

Seemingly normal comments (that’s because there are lots of haters out there) – but they’re just haters, that are one step closer to sabotaging your entire life!

Let’s go through one by one quickly and I’ll tell you what they really mean.

“Lewis, you should just love yourself, you don’t need fame to do that.”

Actually means: I don’t want you to do that, as It’s something I desperately want, but what I did, was rather than having the courage to pursue it, I did some work on myself to love myself instead. That worked, but I still want to be famous, and I don’t have the courage to admit it, so If you do it, I will know I have made the wrong choice, and that seems scary; so, don’t do it.

“Haha. Seriously? How are you going to do that?”

Actually means: Wow, I couldn’t do that. So, if I can’t then you can’t. If I admit to myself that you can do it, that means I have no excuse by to start trying to make things happen in my life too, but I can’t be arsed – so, I’d rather make you think that you can’t do it either.

“It’s hard to be famous you know, most people fail’

Actually means: If you become famous you’re going to live this beautiful, exciting and happy life. That would make my life seem horrendous. I don’t want to feel like that, so it’s best you don’t live that life. Let me manipulate you into thinking that it will be too hard, then you won’t bother, and I won’t feel so bad about my life.

See what I mean now? Makes sense, right?

Now be honest, do you recognise these types of comments from people?

Well, now you know…

Time to do something about it.

Step 3: Extract

So, why would you want people in your life that are so selfish they try and bring you down to make themselves feel better?

The problem is, as I mentioned earlier, a lot of this hate is so common to hear, that it’s sometimes disguised as friendly advice.

Someone you really respect may even pull you to one side and tell you **Insert hate here**

It’s hard to not allow yourself to be influenced by it, but let’s remember what we are talking about here…


We are talking about your ENTIRE LIFE…

Pretty important, right?

So, there are ways you can bring your attention to these people’s behaviour and try and see past it…


You can tell them to fuck off.

If that’s what’s needed to get them out your life, then do it.

However, let me suggest a way you could approach it that may be a little better received.

“Thank you for your opinion, but I would appreciate it if you didn’t give it again. I am really happy with my decision and I don’t want to run the risk of anything changing my mind.”

However, what you’re really saying is, get out my life. I am going to achieve my goals no matter what, and I am not going to allow SOMEONE’S WORDS dictate my ENTIRE LIFE… thank you very much.

See you later haters. Adios Amigos. Bye For now. Au Revoir.

My life matters. Your words don’t.

Follow this process and these people won’t fuck your life up any more, trust me.

Lewis ~ someone who’s been there.


Live Fully

You don’t matter!

I don’t matter.

None of it really does.

In fact, everyone on the planet will be dead in 130 years.

And then within a short time, we’ll be forgotten.

And in more time after that, this entire civilisation will be forgotten.

And you care about what she thinks of you?

He thinks of you?

What ‘they’ might say?

What the fuck is judgment in 130 years when the whole planet is dead?





Because like I said.


You don’t matter.

I don’t matter.

Nothing really matters.

So enjoy the ride whilst it lasts, and do everything you want because even if shit hits the fan, who cares?

It will be forgotten.

Along with everything else.

So live fully…

Because that’s all that really matters.


Haters Gonna Hate

Haters are just scared shitless living in a vicious cycle of resentment.

When one tells me I can’t do something these days, I genuinely just feel sorry for them for having such a closed mindset.

Hate is actually a projection of their own self-doubt and insecurities, and it’s a clever way that their brain has used to defend a potential intrusion that may result in some challenging, fear-based activity, that directly contradicts their own beliefs.

Their belief is: I can’t do it, because I’m scared; but that’s okay, because nobody else can either.

If you try and do something they wish they could do, they’ll drag you down, because it’s about to contradict their belief system.

Basically, if they acknowledge that you could do it, that means they have to do it too – but they’re too scared to take the risk. So refusing to accept it’s possible is easier.

Good news is: we aren’t them…

We can do whatever the hell we like!

We challenge ourselves.

We are prepared to go to the places the haters are scared of.

We are prepared to risk our peace of mind, for the abundance of reward.

It’s funny actually…

Because when you go and do the thing they said you couldn’t, rather than be inspired to maybe do something for themselves, they just get jealous.

This then makes them even more resentful and spiteful to the next person that try’s to contradict their beliefs!

Making them even bigger haters haha!

Yup. Vicious cycle, isn’t it?

They’re the one with the closed mindset.

They’re the ones that are refusing to allow themselves the opportunity to be challenged and grow.

They’re the ones that are scared to seek more for themselves.

They’re the ones in a perpetual vicious cycle of insecurity, jealously and resentment.

But that’s not you.

You’re not one of those people, so go crush your goals, and let the haters do their thing!

So remember, their hate is a projection and defence of their own insecurities….

Not yours.

Next time they tell you that you can’t do something, just ask them what their dreams are…

Try and help them,

Because they’re just lost souls, trying to justify the position they’re in.

Don’t hate them back, feel sorry for them.

Because you’re the one that will take what you want from life, and they’re the ones that will be left hating on the next person.

Sad really.

P.s – If you’re even considering writing something negative on this post – or this post triggered you…

You may want to check yourself.


Make More Give More

“It’s greedy to make money; why don’t you donate it instead?”

Morons say this.


Rather than using your resources volunteering or donating to good causes – and helping a limited number of people at one time.

Why not invest your resources, whether it be money or time, creating wealth for yourself – and then use it to change the world, or at least help MORE people (including yourself by the way)

Just a thought.

The same thought Bill Gates and Warren Buffet had.

The greedy act of hitting the pinnacle of success and then using it for good, donating billions to charity and even attempting to cure the common cold.

Greedy bastards!

Drop that belief that money is greedy, then maybe you’ll make some.

P.s – don’t even try and throw the “money doesn’t buy you happiness” crap at me…

I know it doesn’t. However, it makes life a hell of a lot easier.

And it allows you to remove the stuff that doesn’t make you happy and focus on the stuff that does.

So although money doesn’t make you happy, it doesn’t mean that being skint will make you happy either.

I’d rather be miserable in hammock somewhere than crying at my desk in a job I hate anyway haha.

P.p.s – I’m not exactly minted myself, but I’m on my way now I’ve allowed myself to realise a few things like this.

Lastly, I think these few words sum up this post quite nicely:

Make more. Give more.


Procrastinating Much


Hmm… smells like fear to me!

I have 4 simple questions you can ask yourself to work out why you’re not taking as much action as you’d like!

1. What are you currently procrastinating on?

2. What bullshit story are you telling yourself about why you aren’t taking action?

A few examples:

– I’m a perfectionist so I take my time?
– I can’t be bothered?
– This it too hard?
– I’ll never be able to do it anyway?
– I don’t have time?
– I’m not ready?

3. Ignore the crap you told yourself on question two and ask yourself: what is the truth behind that story. What is it about taking action that scares you?

A few examples:

– Afraid to fail?
– Afraid to succeed?
– Afraid to be rejected
– Afraid to be humiliated?

Whatever you get at the end of this process is the fear you need to tackle in order to start taking action!

Now the most important question….

4. How could you tackle that fear?!

A few examples:

– Embrace failure as learning?
– Experience success to see if you like it?
– Accept that rejection is okay – because we are’nt all aligned in the same way?
– Deliberately humiliate yourself so you’ve made a choice to put yourself in that situation?

It might seem scary, but if achieving the thing you want to take action on, is more important than a bit of discomfort…

Then feel the fear and do it anyway

See underneath those bullshit stories, dig deeper, create awareness, and give yourself choice.

Choice to tackle the problem, not procrastinate and avoid it.

Taking action feels great.

You deserve that feeling.

So one last question…

Will you tackle fear today, or are you going to continue to ‘procrastinate’?

Have a great weekend guys!



Do Whatever The Hell You Want

Ever kick yourself for not doing something you promised you would?

Then start to call yourself all sorts of names (which isn’t good in itself, but I’ll leave that for another day)

We’ve all been there…

“Fuck! I still haven’t done it!”


“I’m lazy.”

“I don’t try hard enough.”

“I don’t have any will power.”

Ever said any of those things?

Did you ever stop to think that it’s because you’re simply trying to force yourself to do something you don’t really want to do?

Maybe you’ve been conditioned to set yourself tasks and goals, based on other people’s expectations, or what you think you ‘should’ be doing.

What if I told you that if you took the time to explore your values, desires and found something you were truly aligned with…

You wouldn’t be lazy.

You’d push yourself harder than ever before.

Everyone would look up to you as if you had the discipline of a warrior?

When in all honestly, it was effortless!

Because, guess what?

You WANTED to do it!

Find out what you really want to do, then do that.

There is no time to do anything else.

And then you won’t need to kick yourself for not achieving someone else’s goals anymore.

Do whatever the hell YOU want.

It’s easier that way; trust me.


Entrepreneurship Is A Lifestyle

Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle, not an occupation.

It’s Sunday today, and I’m still making developments.

Noticed I said ‘developments’, which is some other people’s equivalent of ‘work’.

However, for me, it’s not work.

It’s developing the things I want in life.

I don’t feel obligated to do it.

I want to.

Now, although I am aware that balance is important in some areas of life.

Entrepreneurship isn’t one of those things that needs to be ‘balanced’.

It’s not something that needs to be ‘disconnected’ from.

It’s something that you live by.

A lifestyle is a way in which a person lives.

And I live this stuff.

My thoughts, feelings, aspirations and vision of the future run deeper that a conscious decision that I can simply switch off from.

Although there are times that I enjoy myself, socialise, and relax…

My eye is never taken off the ball.

I never have to start or stop ‘working’

I never have to take my brain back to a place where it needs to start creating.

I’m consistently moving forward, living my life as an entrepreneur; both online and offline; weekdays and weekends; with friends and with clients.

I don’t want to switch off, and I don’t feel the burden of my mind being occupied.

Because entrepreneurship is a lifestyle…

That I have chosen.